21 Benefits of A Professional Senior Caregiver Entrepreneur+ Why Millennials Should Consider Senior Care Entrepreneurship


 If you have not been exposed to the Elder and Senior community, then it is not uncommon for one to think that they are always sick, grumpy, wrinkled, and too fragile to touch.

 There are a lot of misconceptions about how all Elders and Seniors age, look, and behave.

I read in an article that was put out in 2014, that Millennials would rather work at McDonald's, than with "old people"!

The truth is, Elders and Seniors are living longer and healthier than ever before, and when it comes to providing them with assistance, there are many who just need to stay engaged and active, or who just want someone to talk to, and keep them company. 

I also have had some misconceptions about Seniors!

When I was about 14 years old, every time my grandmother would come to visit, I would quickly give her a kiss, then run to my room, take cover, and hide!

That didn't stop her though... She would still softly tap at my bedroom door, and try to talk about a subject that she thought that I would be interested in. She tried so hard to connect with me!

By 18 years old, my grandmother was my best friend! We talked for hours on the phone, went on outings together, and took turns spending the night over each other's house.

How come at 14, I felt as if we had nothing in common? (except for her expensive perfume, and a closet full of high heels!)

 It was because we did not spend enough  time together!

You see, this "age gap" isn't necessarily a GAP- We just think it is!

Somehow, a separation occurs when we think, assume, and feel as if we are so different, and so far apart, that we cannot, and will not ever be able to relate.
Elders and Seniors understand the younger generation more than we think! On several occasions, I feel like they understand and know me more than any other.

The more time that you spend listening to them share their own life experiences, the more that you will find common ground.

The same is so for those who are living with a Disability. People tend to think that just because they are "limited", they won't have anything in common with them.

 One of the main reasons as to why I enjoyed assisting my Clients who were Disabled, was because we had so much in common!

When Caring for them, we didn't discuss their "handicap" all of the time!..They hated to be pitied!    

Why Millenials Should Consider Senior Care Entrepreneurship

 1. The demand for Professional Senior Care, IS, HAS, and ALWAYS will be HUGE!

 According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 70% of Seniors turning 65, can expect to use some form of Long Term Care.

Though the demand is huge, not everyone is running to this type of business...But this can be good for YOU!

Huge demand??.....70% of Seniors needing some form of care??.....Not everyone is running to get into this type of business??.....

Business Opportunities-WIDE OPEN!

Example: Have you ever passed by a really old, run-down house, and then shake your head and cringe, as if there was no hope for it?

Hardly anyone use to want to fix up an old house. Most thought that old houses were unsalvageable, useless, ugly, and a waste of time.

It wasn't until people actually saw how others were making big profits on so called useless homes-by making them livable and beautiful again, that Flipping Houses became an attractive business!

2. Having a business in Elder and Senior Care helps you plan for the future.

You, your parents, your family, or a close friend, may not even need alternative retirement living or Caregiving in the future, but it's so worth planning for it just in case.

 While working with Seniors, and in my own family as well, I have seen time and time again, the unexpected happen-and oh, how they wished that they would have been better prepared. It can get pretty ugly!

On the other hand, I have assisted many Elder, Senior, and Disabled Clients, who were very well organized!

I have seen the difference between those families who had prepared themselves, and those who did not, when something unexpected happened...ie: death, or their parents or grandparents needing more assistance in their day to day living.

 There was more peace- less stress- and smoother transitions, for those who had already prepared for the inevitable.

While providing Elder and Senior Care, you get to see first hand, how older families prepare for their future. You can take note, and begin to figure out what it is that you want, and do not want, when it comes to making preparations for your own future.

   Side note about planning for your parents:

   If your parents are in their 40's, 50's, or          60's, and you have not discussed aging, you   need to start talking to them ASAP! They will probably tell you that they already have a plan, but alternative backup options should be explored as well, just in case a major change in their life occurs.

 Have an A, B, C, D, E, and F plan!

21 Benefits of a Professional Senior Caregiver 

1. Flexible Hours.

2. Flexible Days.

3. You choose the type of Clients that you would like to help.

4. Rewarding in every way.

5. No experience necessary.

6. Little to no cost to start.

7. You choose your own fee.

8. Traveling Opportunities.

9. Client and Family referrals.

10. In DEMAND and always will be.

11. You will learn easy medical and non-medical skills as you go, AND while you get paid.

12. Build loyal relationships.

13. Side hustle, part-time, or full-fledged business.

14. You can make $48,000-108,000 a year, with one, or several Clients.

15. You can run a mini Senior or Disabled Care Service, while building an unrelated online business.

16. No matter what happens financially in your life as you get older, you can always fall back on this type of business.

17. You will have a higher and deeper appreciation of your own life and health.

18. Personal and valuable incentives between you and your Client.

19. Free, fun, and animated history lessons.😊

20. Instant gratification.

21. You can expand to a private paying agency or franchise.

One major way to connect with Seniors and the Elderly, is to do business with them. While assisting them with their daily needs, you will also be educating yourself, busting aging myths and stereotypes, and helping your own family prepare for the future.

*This post has been republished and revised.

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