When Is The Right Time To Start A Business?

You may have the money, but not enough time. You may have the time, but feel as if you don't have the money.

Or, you may have both time and money, but your personal life and circumstances are all out of whack.

 Perhaps a loved one is sick, or just passed away- or maybe it is you who may be feeling sick! 

( I once assessed a Client when I was sick, 7 months pregnant- and very much ROUND! Nevertheless, he became my #1 "word of mouth marketer").

Whatever the case may be, do you find that you continually ask yourself-

Am I really ready to start and run MY OWN BUSINESS?

In asking myself this question 8 years ago, I made the mistake of confiding in friends, associates, and family members, whom had either never owned their own business, or were running a business in which they wanted me to be on their terms.

 Some would say that I was trying to do too much-and at that time, all I heard was WAIT, WAIT......, and WAIT!

Wait until you have this together,

Wait until you have THAT together,

Wait until the situation that you are going through passes,

Wait until you are more stable,

Wait until your kids are older,

Wait until you have more money,

Wait until you finish college,

Wait until you get reliable transportation,

Wait until all of your finances are in order,

Wait until you have an adequate savings...

                      (BIG SIGH!)

I finally plugged my ears to all of the WAITS and excuses that I was hearing from others-separated myself, and became SOUND PROOF!

I began to independently serve Elderly and Disabled Clients in their place of living:

Without Business Cards-
Without a Website, and
Without any other Marketing Tools!

I built and developed a good rapport and reputation with my Clients and their family members, and doubled my salary as a Certified Nursing Assistant!

I was making a Licensed Nurses Salary without a license!

My Clients were my biggest cheerleaders! They took on the role of a marketing team without me even asking them to!

They began to refer me, and continued to refer me, until my schedule and days were all filled!

Freedom of time, flexibility, and finances were under control, and it felt good!

 I enjoyed my Clients to the fullest-not to mention instant gratification!

No more waiting 1-2 weeks for a paycheck!

 I loved getting money in my hand everyday.......RIGHT before, or RIGHT after I rendered services!

Having a business of my own, showed me exactly what it is that I wanted in and out of all areas of my life.

In the past, I felt as if I could not start or restart a business if I did not have all of my i's dotted and t's crossed.

Just recently during a webinar, I heard Futurist Peter Diamandis say, "If you have everything in order when you start a business, you are already 10 years behind".......


I would say, that the time in which you have been spending asking, pondering, and wondering-could be replaced with doing and pursuing.

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