12 Simple Business tactics that I learned from Baby Boomer Caregiver Entrepreneurs

When I first started one on one care at an agency in 2004, they assigned me to a permanent Client in a large luxury Senior Care Facility.

Unknown to the world and business of Caregiving Entrepreneurship, I immediately took notice of a certain group of older ladies who also assisted with one on one care.

Something was obviously different about them but I couldn't quite figure it out just yet-

They were all active within the facility, very vocal, confident, at ease, content and carried themselves with authority-but still, it was something even more distinct...


Meanwhile, the Direct Caregivers and Nurse Aides who were hired on at the facility seemed to sort of drag along gazing at these Baby Boomers though some interacted very closely with them.

It wasn't very long until I found out that these particular ladies did not have a certification or a degree in Nursing, but we're all experienced and very skilled in what they did.

Though they were also caring for and assisting Residents one on one, they ran their own show!

I would watch them like a hawk go out of their way and introduce themselves to a potential client without holding back- Boldly cutting to the chase they would say, Hi how are you? My name is...,  And I was just wondering if you needed personal assistance of any kind?

The Patient would look up and smile. Usually they would softly conversate and then the Caregiver would either give the Resident a number or I would see them head off to the Patients room- Most of the time to begin immediate assistance!

It was that easy! They smiled--approached a Resident gently but boldly-- and showed genuine interest.
No long winded pitch- just 1 simple question that got the job done, AND FAST!

Sometimes of course, I would hear some Residents say, "No, I already have someone helping me." The Independent Baby Boomer Caregivers didn't let no deter them.

Responding with a genuine smile, they would ask, "Is it okay for me to give you my phone number just in case something comes up?"

Or if they just simply said that they were not interested, the Independent Caregivers would still develop a relationship with the Resident, wave and chat whenever they seen them.

I would watch different Caregiver Entrepreneurs day in and day out using pretty much the same approach and then gather together to proudly say, I'm helping Ms or Mr so and so in room such and such!

I observed that these ladies had a precise plan, and a shared goal--
To serve all of their Private Paying Patients in that same facility.

There were several other Independent Caregivers whom they would network with if overbooked and would also network with the hired staff to check and see if they were getting any new admissions.

It was a win win situation for everyone!
The Residents and their family never had to look for outside help if their loved one needed it because a plethora of well known Independent Caregivers were already in place,...The Caregiving agency that I worked for was 2 minutes away....... And the Caregiver Entrepreneurs never had to look very far for someone to assist.

I learned that first,

1. They took advantage of every and I do mean EVERY opportunity of getting a potential Client. Even if the Client only needed 2 hours a day or week-they made it work for them.

2. They never held back and was serious about their money!

3. They knew who their competitors were and instead of competing with them they eventually got to know each other and shared the profits.

4. They knew and became very familiar of their worth, their Client, and their atmosphere.

5. These Baby Boomers never undercharged.

6. They were all VERY protective of their Patient and would never tell of Patients private matters-and if anyone asked ANYTHING personal about their client, they would just look at them.......Very VERY strange!

7. They protected and guarded their Patient like a mother tiger protects her cubs.

8. They took full control of a situation.

9. They  consistently moved about and sought after Patients, some even staying late or coming on weekends when they knew family members were most likely to visit.

10. They were very timely and organized-planning ahead cautiously and carefully to avoid a possible loss of a Resident to another.

11. They were very proud to be Independent Caregivers and enjoyed the luxuries thereof!

12. They were smart and very observant-with employee opportunity all around they chose to be boss!

Everyone does business differently, but I really did admire how relentless they were.

All they were doing was taking advantage of what was right in front of them- Being consistent, Asking simple questions, And protecting their assets and their Clients.


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