8 Key Places To Find Private Pay Clients

The potential to help Seniors and the Disabled is all around us. By taking advantage of everyday opportunities you will be sure to find them- Or they will find you!

 In my opinion, the best way to acquire Disabled and Senior Patients is the "old fashioned way."

Here are 8 key places where you will be sure to find Private Paying Patients.

1. The Grocery Store- Morning or mid-morning is best. Every day of the week- and if you have small children like me they will almost ALWAYS approach you. 

I am also seeing quite frequently Seniors forgetting where they parked their car. The grocery store is one of the most underrated places to find potential Disabled and Senior Clients to serve.

2. Hospital or a Rehabilitation Facility Discharge List- You can have your name and number- or your business put on discharge lists. When Patients need further assistance (Medical or Non-Medical) upon leaving the hospital, healthcare staff will refer them to this list.

3. A Facility that you are already working at- If you are already working at a facility someone may need Private Duty Assistance while they are there, or upon leaving- If you work for an agency that sends you to a Facility, step out on your break, get some coffee, walk around the premises a bit.

 When a Patient goes to the dining room for meals, many times a member of their Family will eat with them. Take note and see how you can help to make it easier on the Family. Also, Residents at a Facility will notice how you assist your Client and approach you for help.

4. Senior Care Facilities

You will need to talk and network with administration and ask if they have a certain area where you can leave this information as different facilities have their own way of doing things.

When I was going to assess a gentleman for possible future assistance, he lived in some apartments specified for people with Disabilities.

 While his former Private Duty Caregiver was showing me around the activity room, I noticed a large bulletin board where people placed their business information- some even had their name phone number and what they did neatly written on an index card.

5. Craig's List- You will be surprised! Family Members will put ads out on Craigslist searching for the perfect Caregiver to help.

 This can also be a great way to find Clients to serve if you are just starting out- Check in your local newspaper as well- The ads that are put out that I have seen will have their own fees which may be under the amount that you charge.

One should check it out anyways because you don't have to accept the Client after meeting with them- You could negotiate in person and may come to an agreement that equals out to the amount that you desire-(such as more days or hours.)

As an inexperienced or experienced Caregiver Entrepreneur you never know what you may gain from it.

6. Assisting another Private Duty Caregiver Entrepreneur

- When they are overbooked, go on vacation, need a weekend off, or they just don't want to work weekends with a permanent Client. 

I met a guy who assisted an elderly man over the whole weekend. He asked me if I wanted to make a quick $750 so that he can have the weekend to himself for a change. 

7. A friend or family member

- One of my Clients referred me to a former co-worker of his who was looking for someone to assist her mom- The time and days that she wanted me to assist her would clash with an established Patient of mine, and they did not want or need assistance at any other time.

 She later called to tell me that she was going to pay her niece to help.

8. Physical Therapist and Rehabilitation Centers- My Patients with Multiple Sclerosis would tell me of the many people with different Disabilities who they came into contact with at these centers that needed further assistance at home.

We pass by the Senior and The Disabled Community everyday at the bus stop, taking a morning stroll, in community centers, church or temple -Strike up a conversation with them, if they do not need assistance they may know someone who does.   

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for tomorrows post-Day 7, How To Avoid A Drop In Your Salary.


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