8 Ways Your Salary Will Increase Every Month as an Independent Professional Senior Care Entrepreneur

Yesterday, I went over the salary figure of an Independent Professional Senior Care Entrepreneur. After reading this post, you will find out that even if you decide to charge the minimum suggested, (Refer to How Much Money Can A Caregiver Entrepreneur Really Make? ) you will still make good money!

Your salary will increase every month as an Independent Professional Senior Care Entrepreneur when:

 1. A Senior Client has an emergency or special test to take that requires an overnight stay. I have made an extra $280.00 by staying half of the night with a Patient that had to take a sleep apnea test.

2. Your salary will increase every month with Temporary assignments such as a Client who may just need help for 2 weeks, 3 days, or just for a weekend.

When you have a temporary assignment, you may never see that Patient/Client again-
Or, temporary assignments can turn into permanent assignments= A New Client/Patient.

3.  A Clients husband or family Caregiver may need a break or go out of town on your usual off day or hours:

One of my Clients Husband use to go out of town periodically. I would stay a couple of hours over to help get her situated at night until her parents came.

I also learned more about her, and did extra duties in addition to what I usually assist her with. By being open to help while her husband was away, those extra duties and hours became permanent.

4. Holiday and other Bonuses. I have received an extra $350.00- $1,000+in bonuses. Also, if your services are no longer needed because of death or another unforeseen reason or circumstance, the family or Client may choose to pay you for the next few months or year.

There are also other personal and valuable amenities that you may receive from them IF they choose.

5. Client may need or want more help. You may start off by just assisting with grocery shopping, and the same or next day, week, or month, a Client may say, while we are out, do you mind if we stop here....or next time you come, can you help me with......

6. Work in conjunction with a Caregiving or Nurses Agency. 
You can work at an agency and have your own Clients as well. (Likewise, a Patient can live at a Facility and receive Private Duty assistance, AND help from an agency!)

7. Routine Doctor & Dental Appointments. Whether it is every week or month, you will receive extra pay for the extra time you spend with your Client at Doctor (or Dental) appointments.

 Sometimes the appointment is within the hours that you are already working- Typically, you either come early, stay late, or the appointment is on a day that you would not regularly assist them.

8. Client referrals. If you display excellent service- expect it!

This is because of the shortage in excellency when it comes to Caring for Seniors and the Disabled.

As an Independent Private Duty Senior Caregiver, your services will be made known if you go above and beyond.

Private Paying Seniors usually associate with others who are able to pay privately, and the word will get around deliberately, or in casual conversation.

Thank you for reading Day 5 of the 10 day blog series. Stay tuned because on day 6 I will give you 8 Key Places To Find Private Pay Patients.  


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