Business Tools And Documents You May...Or May Not Need

As a Private Duty Caregiver Entrepreneur, you are in control of your own affairs: Your time, your hours, your money, your taxes.

You can work as much or as little as you want-but in either case, it's best to be very organized!

First, decide the type of services that you would like to provide.
You can choose to specialize in one or multiple services, or provide an array of Senior and/or Disabled care services. Refer to DAY 3, What Type of Services Can I Provide To The Senior And Disabled Community?

Second, pick out a name that suites you and the type of Senior and/or Disabled service that you will provide.
 It could even be your own name for example: Tiffany's Private Duty Senior Care Services.. or Tiffany's Senior Care Services.

After you decide the name of your Private Duty Care Service, go to your County Clerks office or state government to obtain a DBA. (Doing Business As) This usually only cost $12-$16 and will deem and validate you as the owner of your chosen business name.

You will get your document that same day and depending on your location you may even be able to download the information online. This is an easy form to fill out and is good for 10 years.

After 10 years you just renew it! (Check to see if you need a business license in your state -if you do, you can still obtain a DBA and assist until you get one.) A few states do not even require it...You are Sole-Proprietor- the 1 and only owner of your business.

Next, call 1-800-829-4933 to get a Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number will identify you, your business accounts, tax returns and documents even if you do not have employees.

When I applied for mine, I did it over the phone. It is fast free and easy. You will receive your EIN number in the mail in about 3-7 business days.

You can now apply online at Look for the orange tab that says TOOLS and click on apply for an Employer ID number. Upon completion and validation of your online application, you will be able to immediately download save and print!

Get some Business Cards. Choose whether you want or need to get rack cards or brochures immediately or later. You may or may not need them.

Take your business cards with you wherever you go and be sure to gently approach a possible Senior or Disabled Client. Rack cards can be placed anywhere but especially suitable at Hospitals Doctors and Dental offices.

References- Some senior and disabled clients will not ask for any references but always be prepared.

Forms You May....Or May Not Need :

Your Private Duty business forms do not have to be long and complicated. As a matter of fact, most elderly and Disabled Clients hate filling out a lot of confusing paperwork with words and terms that they do not completely understand. 

 "Keep it Simple." Their words- Not mine. Short to the point but professional.

1. Client Assessment/Care Plan form- Their name.. Date of Birth... Age.. address...Phone number.... Diagnosis... Days and hours that you will be assisting them..Your assignment..That's it..

2. Confidentiality Form- This is a form that you can draft yourself. It does not have to be 3 or 4 pages long!

 Simply putting I (Tiffany Armstead) will not share (Clients full name) Clients private and personal information...Of course you can make it sound fancier- Sign and date.

3. Authorization Form- This is a form stating that you have your Private Paying Patient/Client consent to assist them with the specific tasks that you will be performing. Sign and date.

4. Receipt Book- Private Duty Caregiver and Nurse Aide Entrepreneurs usually get paid Cash or check. Private Paying Clients appreciate a receipt of payment and you should keep a record of payment as well.

You will also need a copy of any medications your Client may be taking- Who to contact in case of emergency and a Daily Log.

Daily Logs allow you to keep track of Clients daily activities, showers/baths and anything else that was done that day. This also gives an account of the work that you have done.

You can go to:, Or to download forms if you choose not to do them yourself.

You also can choose to neatly document information such as daily logs in a notebook. Some Clients are really organized and will have their own lists charts and documents- always be sure to get copies of everything you sign.

 In my business, I dealt with very little business forms. Some Private Duty Caregivers and their Clients choose not to deal with any forms at all.

It's best to always protect yourself and your business, and plus it doesn't take long to get and organize all that I have mentioned.

Supplies to take with you on your assignments.

1. Small roller luggage or handbag - To keep supplies and other personal necessities. You never know what can happen while you are assisting a Client.
You may be needed to stay longer, overnight, or have an unexpected trip to the hospital.

What to keep in your bag

Latex Gloves 

Blood Pressure Monitor (old and new school because sometimes the electronic ones have a tendency to mess up.)

Stethoscope (for medical Clients)

Digital thermometer 

Hand Sanitizer 

Alcohol Wipes- or cotton balls and a bottle of alcohol 

Extra change of clothes scrubs and comfortable shoes- Sweater jacket or long sleeve shirt 

Unscented or lightly scented lotion 

Sanitary Pads

Comb brush and other hair essentials

Notepad and Several Writing Pens 


Sticky Notes

Extra snacks- food juice and water bottles

Your laptop 


Hard copy of necessary documents and forms in folder or binder

Second Hand Watch 


 Talk to a trusted tax advisor especially if you are receiving mostly cash for your services. You can do your taxes every three months. 

Track your business expenses

Be sure to keep receipts of Everything that you buy that pertains to your business,(Even shoes!) so that you can write them off as a tax write-off.

Keep your gas receipts and receipt of payment if you take the cab bus or train.

Health and Liability Insurance- Take your time and choose a health and liability option that is right for you. There are dozens of plans that you can Google.

This concludes my 10 day series. I hope you or someone you know will be able to use this information to start a mini private paying senior care service. Thank you for reading, subscribing, and liking!


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