How Do You Go Above And Beyond When Caring For Seniors And The Disabled?


For some, it's not something that they are constantly asking themselves, it's something that they constantly find themselves doing.

Then there are others who possess excellent Nursing and Caregiving skills, but lack the ability to truly connect with their Patients/Clients.

Excellent skills without a connection with people is very dangerous while caring for Seniors and those with a Disability.

 Have you ever been in a room with a person that had a very cold and dry aura?

Or in the presence or under the care of a Nurse Doctor or Caregiver that just seemed to be a trillion miles away all of the time?

What about a worker with the perfect skills but never once took a moment to look you directly in your eye?

Providing extraordinary care is more than just performing repetitious tasks and skills. Though most Care Providers already know this, we have to continue to display it in an unwavering manner.

Going above and beyond is also more than just PROVIDING services-ie I provide  transportation..I provide meal preparation..I monitor your medication..

It's more like the manner in which you go about doing these services, being that there are a lot of companies and individuals who do the exact same thing!

Compassionate Quality Reliable Dependable Service is the most popular descriptive traits that one will read in and on ads and logos of most dependent and independent Senior and Disable Care Provider Services.

Reliable and dependable means that Clients will always have someone to be there to help....,
But what one continues to display on the phone, upon arrival, and during service and departure, is what will take their services from ordinary to extraordinary, and cause them to stand out from amongst the rest!

Seniors and people with disabilities need quality compassionate dependable and reliable Care-Yes! But we must go even further than this!

Do you possess the necessary personality traits that is crucial in providing and displaying Senior and Disabled care?

These key personality traits cannot always be detected by a written or electronic personality test. I have also experienced that they cannot even be detected by a clear background check, or by asking people what one would do in a particular situation.

They are specific character qualities that are often overlooked and taken for granted because of their simplicity.
Simple, but yet VERY beneficial and critical while providing care services.

All of these traits can be felt- seen-sensed-carried out-and naturally make up who you really are:

1. Warm
2. Patient
3. Trustworthy
4. Positive and Upbeat
5. Truthful
6. Respectful
7. Genuine
8. Tender
9. Affectionate
10. Intuitive
11. Sincere
12. Great sense of humor
13. Charisma and Charm
14. Loyal
15. Understanding
16. Attentive
17. Excellent communication with Clients and members of their family.
18. Professional

Also, are we affirming and reaffirming? Assessing and reassessing? Assuring and reassuring?

Even if a particular Client/Patient seems unresponsive, are we acknowledging and showing them recognition?

A quick story that came to mind: A Patient at an Assisted Living Facility had a big sign on her front and back door (along with some other requests) that said, I DON'T LIKE BINGO!- Despite these signs, she told me workers would still try to get her to play Bingo!

Some Seniors and People with Disabilities just want to be left alone. By tending to their essential needs and respecting their wishes, you are still providing Extraordinary Care.


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