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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How To Avoid A Drop In Your Salary

One of the things that steers some people away from Caregiving Entrepreneurship is fear of not being able to find another Client/ Patient if something happens to the one that they are serving.

  Just like with any other business;

If you plan and prepare ahead of time, you may not be able to avoid losing a Client, but you can avoid losing money, set yourself up for the next Client/Patient and live comfortably off of what you already have acquired.

 In the first couple of posts that I wrote before I started this 10 day blog series, I briefly mentioned how important it is to have an ABCDE and F plan.... I would like to share a short personal story with you explaining THE VERY REASON WHY.

A friend of mine who adopted me as her Goddaughter was assisting a Patient for a few years.

She loved this Patient so much and took very very good care of her. She was also being paid top dollar!

Her Patient passed away suddenly and my Godmother,... she was totally devastated! She started talking desperately and was frantic! It scared me!

She didn't know what to do-not only because her Patient passed away, but because she didn't have a back up plan. She was so used to being her own boss that she refused to go to an agency.

After that situation, I noticed a few others did not have a back up plan either. It would take a couple of months for them to find another Private Paying Patient upon death of a Client or if the Client just didn't need them anymore...

The day that I seen my Godmother terrified, is the day I promised myself that in all of MY life situations I will always have a backup plan.

Of course I have had ups and downs in life, but I made sure that when it came to my business, I refused to go through what I seen them go through.

I never wanted to be desperately looking for the next Patient.

My Godmother's husband said she was overreacting, but she said that she thought that her Patient would be around a lot longer, and was just so used to getting almost whatever she wanted- It caught her off guard, and she felt limited.

How To Avoid A Drop In Your Salary As A Caregiving Entrepreneur.

When you first start making good money you want to spend spend spend, (okay, I did too) as Caregiving Entrepreneurs, we should save save save..

 You can still buy what you want but Always put some money aside to avoid a panic attack if something unexpected happens.

I too have had Patients pass away, but I also had several Clients so that if one didn't need me anymore, I would still be okay.

 I also made sure that I had a good Home Health Agency to keep me busy if I ever needed to make up for any money I would lose-I used to be a workaholic and didn't mind working 12-24 hour shifts temporarily if I knew it was going to financially benefit me and my business in the long run.

A lot of Professional Caregivers also work with several non-medical agencies so that they have plenty of work to fall back on. Some Caregiving agencies require experience, but most don't.

Even if you think that you are all set for life with one or many Clients/ Patients, continue to keep your name out there. 

Use one of the suggested places on DAY 6 of this blogging series. Place your name on discharge lists at several Hospitals and continue to hand out your business information-Continue to network with other Professional Caregivers and the Senior or Disabled community while assisting your Clients.

There is no scarcity when it comes to assisting the Disabled and Senior Community! You can go practically anywhere and build or rebuild your Private Duty Private Pay Business.

 Never Fear and always go above and beyond which will set you apart from other Care Provider Services.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for tomorrows post-Day 8, The Beauty Of Client Referrals.

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