The first time that I seen Private Duty Senior Caregivers, they were secretive and mysterious.

The workers were quiet but yet firm-Extremely protective of their position and who they serve, and very discreet.

Private Duty Senior Caregivers male and female gave and received first class treatment and services to and from their Senior or Disabled Clients.

If you worked at a Nursing Home, or a Facility where Seniors and the Disabled just needed minimum to little assistance, (Assisted or Independent Living Facility) you were always itching to know- Where did these "Private" Caregivers come from? Secondly, How do they obtain their "Private Clients?" 

As young as 21 to as old as 70 or 80, "Private" Caregivers always seemed to have an advantage over those working at an agency- especially those working in a Nursing Home where they were highly overworked, understaffed, and underpaid!

Some Nurse Aides would resent Private Duty Caregivers, and questioned why Certified workers who worked for a Facility, were rushing up and down the halls everyday, in and out of rooms, tending to dozens of Patients- while the "Private" Caregivers were getting paid more than them with only one patient?

What was their advantage?
They were silently running their own business-And I do mean SILENTLY.
We just didn't understand it at the time!

 Private Duty Caregivers took the position of an Advocate to Seniors and the Disabled, meticulously reporting changes and mistakes to the family members. (They were like the middle man/woman.)

The Head Nurses were able to give them accurate and detailed information that hired Facility workers did not have access to.

Doctors even seemed to respect them more- If there were any problems, it would immediately be reported to Family members who usually had an Attorney.

Yes, these Private Caregivers were like guards- nothing got passed them.

Important Note:
Private Duty Caregivers are very beneficial to Seniors, People with Disabilities, and their Family. I have observed and experienced that when certain staff workers notice that a Patient has hired a Private Duty Caregiver, some tend to check on them more often and treat them better. 

Sad but true. By having a Caregiver- A close advocate, protector, and guardian while Family Members or Close Friends are away temporarily, (or just unable to be there) all members of the Health Care Staff are more aware that their actions and conduct are being closely monitored and accounted for.

 Also, when a Private Patient visits the doctor, it makes a huge difference when a Caregiver is there for accountability, further questioning, accuracy, and just to be a witness.

What exactly IS Private Pay- Private Patient- And Private Duty Care- And WHO are Private Duty Caregivers?

Private Duty Caregivers are their own Boss working directly with the Client/Patient. Instead of being hired on as employee at a Nursing Home, Agency, Hospital or Assisted and Independent living facility.

They find their own Clients/Patients and Patients find them. They are called PRIVATE because it refers to how they get paid for their services-Payment is out of pocket, and goes directly to the Private Caregiver and not through Medicare or a Health Insurance Company.

Although payment is out of pocket, Private Duty Caregivers can also receive direct payment for services from certain special societies that their Clients belong to.

Private Clients/ Patients refers to the work tasks and services that are being provided exclusively for a Patient- And Independent from any other Company. The care and service that you give to them is considered personal and private home care services.

Private Duty Caregivers can work in a clients personal home or wherever they call home- Retirement home-Assisted or Independent Living- Nursing Home-Apartment Homes designed for the Disabled, or whenever a Client is in the hospital-even in ICU or CCU to keep a close eye on them-observation. (Caregivers are there to be the
Clients/Patients eyes and ears.)

They are Sole-Proprietors and Patients Sole Provider-Outside of the Physicians care. A Private Caregivers Duty is a particular assignment and Service that they provide for Patients/ Clients.

I often use Patient SLASH Client because they could be one or the other depending on the type of services that are being provided... Some Private Duty Caregivers treat and think of their Disabled and Senior Clients as Family members. (During the 10 day blog series, I will be using Patient/ Client interchangeably.)

PRIVATE-Not for everyone. Just for a particular or a limited few---Special Services that are set aside---Independent---No shared assets----Out of pocket payment.

DUTY- Your particular obligation----Assignment----The tasks that you are responsible for and in charge of.

CAREGIVER-Giving----Providing a particular form of care----To look after and provide the needs of your Client -----Safekeeping---Supervision----Custody----Change---Protection----Responsibility.

All Medical Workers are Caregivers that provide different services. The services that a Private Duty Caregiver will provide for the Disabled and Senior Community can be medical or non-medical which I will be further discussing on Day 3.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for tomorrows blog Day 2, The Underestimated-Underpaid Caregiver.

Watch the video presentation: Private Senior Caregivers-So what's the secret?


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