Your Patients/Clients are opening up their life, heart, and home to you. As a Professional Caregiver Entrepreneur for Seniors, professionalism has to be at its best! From the way that you talk and communicate, to your mannerism and attitude.

 Everything about you and the way that you present yourself, should say Professional while you are assisting your Patient/Client.

Clients are expecting for us to be prompt. One of my Patients husband told me that she was a "clock watcher".  "She looks at the clock an hour before your even suppose to be here"!..  and an hour before I leave she would say, "It's almost time for you to go!"

Having Patience and keeping your cool is especially important. Some Clients can be moody-we just have to remember that they are sick. It's disturbing to hear a Professional Senior Caregiver arguing with a 90 something year old!....

Most importantly, just because they have a Disability does not mean that they do not know what's going on. Even some Patients with Alzheimer's Disease are more aware than you think.

For instance, when I first started my  training at a Nursing Home years ago, an elderly lady continued to say over and over again that she needed to go to the bathroom.

 The woman that was training me said, "Don't listen to her, she's got Alzheimer's she can just go in her pull up-".... "Come on, we gotta go, we have a long list of Patients".

 As she turned around to leave the room thinking that I was behind her, I led the Patient in the bathroom
to help her sit on the toilet. 

She continued to repeat thank you in the same repetitious tone and rhythm in her voice that was used when telling us she needed to go to the bathroom.

While assisting Clients at an Assisted Living Facility, I have seen Professional Senior Care Entrepreneurs on their cell phones talking for a long time, laughing away with their Patient right beside them. They would say, "they don't know what I'm talking about"....."they can't hear me."..."their not paying any attention to my conversation"...

It's amazing what is even said and done in front of Clients/Patients who are fairly independent! Professional Senior Caregivers would go into great detail about their problems at home, boyfriend or mate, personal finances, and the list goes on...

Carelessly thinking that no one is watching and listening to them, some will continue to be unprofessional with and in front of their Client-People are watching, and eventually they will inform the Clients guardian. Potential Patients/ Clients are watching as well.....

Staying Professional also means appreciating your business and your Clients, never taking either one of them for granted, and treating them everyday like you would a brand new Client. 

As an Independent Professional Senior Care Entrepreneur, you are Owner-Administrator- AND you are able to display hands on assistance to a Client/ Patient which gives you a competitive advantage.

If you are able to do all 3 in a professional manner, you will be a sure success in your business!

Just like in any other business, there are unprofessional Caregiver Entrepreneurs, and there are very Professional and loving Caregiver Entrepreneurs for Seniors and the Disabled. 

 Upholding your professionalism at all times will not only enable you to keep your existing Clients, but will also open you up for new Clients, who will opt out of the unprofessional services that they are in, and run to you.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for tomorrows post which is the last post in this 10 day series, Business Tools And Documents You May...Or May Not Need.

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