The Beauty Of Client Referrals

This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about because it is the very reason my small business existed- It is the very reason my small business thrived.

My Senior Clients are the pinnacle of my business.

I received much wisdom from them. While I nurtured them, they nurtured me. As I protected them they protected me. Even when I was tired, their dependence on me kept me going.

When I stepped in their place of living, it wasn't about me anymore, it was all about them!

They trusted me with their life and their valuables and treated me like part of their family. They were my mother, my grandmother, my sister, my brother, my father, and my grandfather.

"If you have any problems at the store, just tell them your our daughter." One of my Patients husband would say. "Be still, sit down, and have a cup of coffee with me, your working too hard!"

I was not expecting my Clients or their sons and daughters to be the driving force behind my business. They would chime in here and there giving me pointers, tips, and suggestions.

I believe they truly enjoyed giving me advice, and were excited to be included in my decision making.

Together, we built valuable relationships.

While helping my second and third Private Paying Client, a Private Duty Caregiver told me that I shouldn't assist either one of them because I was wasting gas for such little hours. They didn't understand why I continued to help them- But I was just going with my gut, and felt like I was filling a void that needed to be filled at the time-for they told me that no one would assist them because of minimum required hours.

The Clients who referred me the most, were the ones who needed my assistance the least-The same 2 Clients that needed me the least, began referring me over and over and over to higher paying Clients!

        The Beauty Of Client Referrals

The Beauty of Client Referrals is The Ripple Effect.

The Beauty of Client Referrals is receiving unexpected phone calls from people who you didn't even give your name, number, or business information to.

The Beauty of Client Referrals is your Patients giving you names and phone numbers of people who needs immediate help.

The Beauty of Client Referrals is that you can wind up assisting  a whole family- And their extended family!

The Beauty of Client Referrals is your Clients/Patients enjoying your service so much that they want to share it.

The Beauty of Client Referrals is that while they are receiving excellent services, they are on the look out for others who are having a hard time trying to find help-remembering that they used to be in their shoes.

The Beauty of Client Referrals is infinite gratitude.

The Beauty of Client Referrals is realizing you are constantly being referred because your Clients are pleased with your service, which gives you confidence in your business.

The Beauty of Client Referrals is that they are establishing your reputation.

The Beauty of Client Referrals is the trust and belief that they put in what their friends and family has to say about you.

The Beauty of Client Referrals is that it keeps you on your toes!

The Beauty of Client Referrals is that you don't have to market much. Your marketing is enjoying what you do, and making such a great impression on your Clients, that they tell others about you.

Of course I am not saying don't market and rely solely on your Patients/ Clients.... I am sharing my beautiful unexpected business experience.

 What better Clients can you have but the ones who will tell you EXACTLY what their community needs are-and then you going above and beyond to meet those needs with their help?

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for tomorrows post-Day 9, Professionalism.


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