The Underestimated-Underpaid Caregiver

 Hired Caregivers Nurse Aides Home Health Aides and Attendants are the most in demand profession and the ones whom spend the most time with Clients/ Patients- even more than their own Doctor Nurse and Family members including adult children. 

They also are the lowest paid Health Care workers.

Before we go any further into Caregiving Entrepreneurship, it is particularly important to briefly discuss the reasons why Caregivers and Nurse Aides choose Entrepreneurship. Some of the reasons are the same as to why thousands of others choose to be Entrepreneurs- Freedom of time flexibility and finances. 

But as trusted Medical and Non-Medical Professionals, the reasons run a lot deeper.

There are STILL several Nursing Assistants and Caregivers who feel as if they are at the bottom of the pole trying to work their way up. Though some take great pride in their work despite the low pay, there are a lot of workers who still consider their job as the "dirty work" and unimportant.

Not only because of  low wages but also because of the way that they are being treated.

Professional Senior Caregivers and Certified Nurse Aides are exposed directly to the role of a Licensed Nurse, Registered Nurse, Doctor, Psychologist, Social Worker and Physical Therapist. If truth be told, Home Health Workers and Direct Caregivers can be all of the above wrapped up in one.

 They are one of the most important figures in the life of a Senior or person with a Disability when illness occurs and when they need minor or major assistance in their daily living, or just companionship.

When the Doctors do not have an answer for them or say that there is nothing more that they can do for them, (as several have told a former Client of mine) when hired Nurses are in and out and cannot be there 24/7 with a Patient, the Caregiver is who they confide in and trust. (Especially true for those who have family members that are not involved.)

I am not so sure who set the terms and rules for a long list of Senior  Caregiving duties and assignments, and then slapped an $8.00/ hour sign to it to start off with- (Of course some make more and even up to $17-20/hour)-  but the national wage for a Caregiver and Nurses Aide is $11.00/ hour.

Now, some are fine with that wage, But most are not-especially when they compare the amount of heavy physical mental and emotional labour that comes about while working with several Patients in a skilled Nursing Facility.

I spoke to a Professional Senior Caregiver not too long ago who has been working at a Assisted Living Facility for 3 years, and has only received a $1.50 raise. Not only that, she is a Certified Medication Aide-(distributes and passes out medicine)  She still keeps showing up at work and feels as if she has no other choice!

Her skills far surpass her hourly wage!

With  all of that being said, instead of complaining and waiting around for a wage increase or unfair working conditions to be fixed, many of us have taken matters in our own hands and became Nurse and Senior Caregiver Entrepreneurs!

Some replace their income and others double or triple their income!

Watch how Professional Senior Caregivers can make a 6 figure income with only 1 or 2 Senior Clients.

 In my last post, I spoke of how hired Certified Aides would say that Private Duty Senior Caregivers who are there to care for and assist just sit and get paid.
They are known to be called Sitters.

"Sitters" have a very important assignment!

Oftentimes, a Private Duty Senior Caregiver will be needed to just observe the Patient/ Client. Closely observing and monitoring a Patient is very important.

The Doctors and Nurses cannot just sit and observe 1 Patient all night!

This is where Private Duty Senior Caregiving comes in. Clients with certain medical conditions may need to be closely observed, some more than others.
Any little sign of discomfort, or a sudden temperature drop or rise could be crucial in caring for a particular Patient.

 To observe, you must be very precise and alert looking and watching for changes in a Clients condition.

If certain changes are not closely monitored and reported, it could be a matter of life and death. "Sitting" making sure that one does not fall which is a non-medical assignment- also could be a matter of life and death.

While Doctors and Nurses must go on to tend to Multiple Patients, a Private Duty Senior Caregiver or an agency hired Care Provider can take their time tending to ONE Client and give them uninterrupted around the clock one on one attention!

Male Senior Caregivers are also often overlooked and Underestimated because of the assumption that Nurses and Caregivers are all women. I feel that Male Caregivers bring a great balance to the field.

Professional Senior Caregivers have a variety of multitasking skills and their needs should always be taken seriously- Because a business who serves the Disabled and Senior Community would not be able to operate without them.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for tomorrows blog post- Day 3, What Type Of Services Can I Provide To The Disabled And Senior Community?

I will be describing all of the different type of Care Services (known and unknown) that a Private Duty Senior Caregiver Entrepreneur can provide.                            

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