23 Services That You Can Provide to the Senior Community

 Just like Doctors and Nurses choose specialized services instead of general, Independent Professional Senior Care Entrepreneurs can choose specialty services as well!

This is one of the many perks to being Independent verses being an employee-

 Choosing the type of Clients that you want to assist!

 Your business days or nights are more worthwhile when you are providing services to those who you work best with.
You can assist Clients whom you feel you have a natural tendency towards.

Care Provider Services does not have to be medical care, nor do you have to be medically inclined.... You do not even have to touch (except for a hug or handshake) a Senior or Disabled Client to adequately serve them.

The Senior and The Disabled Community needs help, and there are a whole lot of Elderly and Disabled Clients that will pay you out of pocket to diligently and honestly assist them!

This type of business is rising-
and the greedy and selfish are being weeded out from those who assist and serve with compassion and sincerity.

 Not only is it a rewarding business personally-you will also be helping communities as a whole!

It's like paid volunteer work! You can even volunteer first before you get started!

In this post, I will be sharing with you all of the services that an Independent Professional Senior Care Entrepreneur can provide.

You can choose to provide a variety of services, or YOU CAN CHOOSE to serve and assist a specific type of Client/Patient.

Let's Start With Non-Medical Services:
If you do not have any experience working with Seniors or the Disabled, these services are great to offer-

1. Grocery Shopping- You can offer to assist them with shopping, or they can give you a list, and you shop for them.

2. Pet Care- A lot of Seniors love pets! They are great company and therapy to them. As they age, or if their living situation changes, some are unable to properly care for them. One of my Patients totally adored her dog, as her and her husband were unable to have kids. The problem: She chose to live in an independent living facility after her husband passed away, where she was unable to bring her dog.

Solution: She paid someone who she trusted to care for the dog, and she was able to visit regularly. This is just one scenario, as you will find Seniors living in their private homes that will pay you to help take care of their pet... or pets!

3. Lawn Care- Provide this service to cater to Seniors and the Disabled ONLY and even advertise as so.

4. Transportation-This service is highly recommended, profitable, and can be especially combined with other care services. You can also run errands- Drop off and and pick up from church or a friend/relatives house, or anywhere they want you to take them.

5. Housekeeping Services- I had a couple of Patients that hired me who also had a separate Private hired housekeeper- In my business, I did not to do housekeeping services, but it is also in demand. Private housekeepers were regular, consistent hired help.

6. Companionship- Seniors and the Disabled will pay you to keep them company, play games, watch movies, engage in meaningful conversations, or just for a listening ear.

7. Doctor Appointments- This can go along with  transportation, but I listed it separate because you can specialize in transporting Seniors and people with Disabilities to and from the Doctor, Dentist, or other special appointments. This one is highly recommended and in demand.

8.  Meal Preparation and Cooking-You can help plan meals for Clients with special diets. All you need to do is talk to their Doctor or other Health Specialist that they may be seeing to get a list of foods the Client should be eating for optimal health. You can specialize in cooking and preparing meals for cancer only Patients, or for people with a disability who are unable to make or prepare their meals.

9. Monitor and Observe- I wrote about how important this is in yesterdays post, The Underestimated-Underpaid Caregiver. If you are keen, meticulous, and observant, you can get paid to just watch, observe, take notes, and report information about a Senior or Disabled Client to a Family member and/or Doctor.

10. Assistance with paying bills- This includes writing checks, opening and reading mail, and making sure Clients bills are paid on time. This service is needed when Senior or Disabled Clients have difficulty in writing, vision, or forgetfulness. You should present yourself very well, and be highly trustworthy if you plan to offer this type of service.

11. Post Surgery ( After Surgery) Clients just may need help around the house and with different tasks.

12. Drop off and pick-up Clients medication. Including reminding Clients to take their medication.

Let's get into Medical services that a Certified Nurse Aide Entrepreneur and even Medical Assistants can provide- You can specialize in a particular service, or help with all of the above. YOU CHOOSE!

1. Vital Signs- You can cater your whole  business to just take Patients vital signs in the home. Certain Clients vitals need to be taken 3 times a day, twice a day, or daily!

2. Range of Motion- One of my specialties and in demand for Bed Bound Patients and People with Disabilities. Multiple Sclerosis Patients need range of motion, and when not given regularly, they lose even the strong motor skills that they do have. You can cater your business to just provide range of motion services to the Disabled.

3. Catheter and Colostomy Care- You cater your business to change, clean, drain, and keep track of Clients cathedral and colostomy care.

5. Administer Medication- This would be a big specialty business for any Medication Aide. Cater your own business around administering medication to Seniors and the Disabled.

6. Assist with all of Clients Daily Living

7. Specialize in assisting Cancer only or Diabetic only Patients- Very high in demand. This includes transporting to and from dialysis, taking Cancer Patients to and from chemotherapy and Radiation treatments.

9. Hospice and Palliative Care- Assisting a Client to help make sure that they are comfortable during the death process. (Very high in demand as well.)

10. Lifting and Transferring Patients- You can specialize in finding Patients that only needs assistance to and from the wheelchair, and to and from the bathroom..

11. Fall Prevention- Highly in demand. Being there to help Patients move about safely, especially getting in and out of the shower or bathtub, and in and out of bed. Even those who move about with a walker or cane will need assistance. Also, Patients who experience constant vertigo-dizziness.

13. Patients who are Bed-Bound- Making sure bed bound Patients are turned every 2 hours to prevent decay and bedsores. This is huge!! Another excellent and lucrative Private Paying assignment.

14.  Assisting with Bathing and Showers Only- Another big one! How about going from home to home just to assist with baths? Some Patients just need you to be there to monitor them while they are in the bathroom, or just stand outside of the bathroom door.

They may not even want you to help them get dressed or touch them while bathing. You can be there to just make sure they don't slip, lay out their clothes, or hand them a dry towel.

Senior care is easy to get into and Clients are easier to find AND keep than most think. Later in the series, I will tell you key places to find Private Paying Seniors and the Disabled-You have an opportunity everyday to connect with them!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for tomorrows post- Day 4, How Much Money Can A Caregiver Entrepreneur Really Make?

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