13 Free Online Courses that will introduce you to the world of Senior Care

Completing educational courses independently is a strong indicator that you have one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur. One of the paid corresponding schools that I have learned from put it this way:

"I have always known that successful home study students are a special breed of individual. Most work on their own, with no need for someone standing over their shoulder telling them what to do.

 Some come home from a long day of work, only to spend another couple of hours studying before turning in for the night. 

Others have faced unemployment and uncertainty, determined to come out on top at the end of a long, hard struggle with suitable employment in a career of their own choosing. Whatever your own situation has been, you are among an elite group of dedicated individuals."

Correspondence courses have been around since 1840. Even Napoleon Hill wrote in his book Think and Grow Rich,

 " It pays to know how to purchase           knowledge."

"Successful people never stop                 acquiring specialized knowledge related to their business profession towards their major purpose in life."

Keeping that in mind, he also wrote,

"Academic accomplishment is not a sure indicator of success- Your natural abilities and interpersonal skills can be far more important than academic."

Napoleon Hill went on to give an example of how a gentleman went back to college after 40 years old. What would take most to finish in 4 years, he finished in 2 by having his wife carefully select certain specialty courses for law school.

"Correspondence schools are well organized businesses. To have the ambition at home to study shows self-discipline and leadership qualities.".  
                     Napoleon Hill

Self-paced, online educational courses are fun and extremely convenient.  I love learning new skills and expanding my knowledge on old skills!

There is a misconception that correspondence and online schools are not as adequate or relevant as traditional campus classes-but isn't that what people used to say about online businesses and homeschooling which are now both ever so popular?

As I was surfing the Internet, I recently stumbled across a headline that asked this question: COULD ONLINE COURSES BE THE NEW DEGREE?...

Top universities such as Harvard and Stanford already have had free lectures on YouTube for over 6 years. Their video lectures make you feel as if you are on campus, in the classroom, sitting right in front of the professor!

 Check Out 1250 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

Since free information doesn't always mean cheap information anymore, I would like to talk about Alison.

Alison.com was founded in 2007 by serial entrepreneur Mike Freerick in Galaway, Ireland. With it's model being, "A new world of free certified learning", it is one of the biggest MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) outside of the United States boasting over 800 free courses, and over 10 million learners globally,

When you have completed your course, you have the opportunity to buy your parched, non-parched, or framed diploma or certificate- but you are not obligated to do so, neither do they constantly advertise or pressure you to.

Alison's certificates and diplomas have enhanced security features to prevent forgery.

You will also receive a badge transcript to download or share via e-mail or on social media which will have the course or courses you are taking, the amount of hours it took for you to complete it, and your grade percentage.

Alison website has opportunities for entrepreneurs, teachers, publishers, and other professionals, to teach their skills, and earn a fee from the diplomas and certificates that learners buy.

It is also used as a testing and training base for employers. Training can take place as an online group to increase learner engagement, and also to track and encourage employee progress.

You can even invite your friends and learn together!

There are some awesome testimonials on their website of how Alison has helped learners in the US, and all around the world succeed, and excel on their jobs and in their businesses.

I discovered this free educational website a couple of years ago on www.openculture.com, which also has free audio and text books, movies and dozens of other free valuable educational online platforms for all ages.

While carefully exploring both websites, I became increasingly excited-staying up until 3am- taking notes and writing down all of the subjects that I wanted to learn more about!

I was overwhelmed, (but in a good way) at all of the free diploma courses that I can take at one time, to use to enhance my business, and other subjects outside of business that peak my interest!

Alison's self-paced courses take anywhere from 1-20 hours to complete. I have already completed 10 courses, and I am eager to start some new ones!

Alison.com Senior Caregiving courses will:

1. Introduce you to the Professional Senior Caregiving field

2. Enhance what you already know

3. Validate your new small service 

4. Increase your knowledge about Senior Care in a matter of hours or days

Courses are always very well structured, outlined, and detailed using either audio, video, or visual aid.

 If you want to quickly learn about Senior Caregiving for entrepreneurship, this is for you! 

So without further ado, you can take the following FREE Senior Caregiving Diploma and Certificate Courses anytime, anyplace, and at your own pace! (I also listed a few courses in correlation to Professional Caregiving.)

1. Diploma In Caregiving 

                 (6-10 hours)

2. Introduction To Caregiving                                                     Certificate 
                  (1--2 hours)

3. Caring In The Health Professions
                    (3-4 hours)

4. Dementia Care
                  (1-2 hours)

5. Health and Safety For Caregiving
                   (1-2 hours)

6. Elderly Care and Caring for the Disabled
                   (1-2 hours)

7. Patient Care and Hygiene
                  (2-3 hours)

8. Diploma in Mental Health Studies                                         (10-15 hours)

9. Diploma in Social Work Studies  
                    (10-15 Hours)

10. Diploma in Psychology
                    (6-10 Hours)

11. Diploma in Nursing and Patient Care                                 (10-15 hours)

12. Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology                    (15-20 hours)

13. Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
                  (15-20 Hours)

All courses have end of course assessment tests, and you must make 80% or higher to receive your certificate or diploma. The test questions are well thought out, and are not as easy as one would think for free courses!

Happy Learning!

PS: This is not a sponsored post-
I am suggesting these courses for entrepreneurship, and for you to use as tools for self-employment.

Are you currently learning on Alison.com? Share your learning experience with me in the comment box!

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