Ready To Meet Your New Clients?

So you found a Senior or Disabled Client to assist, and now you are ready to meet up with them for an assessment!

What is an Assessment?

An assessment is when you set up an appointment to meet your Clients in person, to go over their exact service wants and needs. It usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete a Client Assessment.

Sometimes you will only be assessing a potential Client-and sometimes you will be assessing a Client after a definite verbal agreement to provide services.

Think of it as a business meeting!

Though you may be wearing more comfortable clothes, or even scrubs during the actual days of assistance, dressing  professionally at an assessment is what makes Caregiver Entrepreneurs distinctive.
You are Owner Administrator and you provide direct care services to your Clients!

Once your Client gives you their address, perform a test run ahead of time if you are unfamiliar with the area that they are residing in, so that you can be relaxed and confident while driving to your destination- even if you will be using your GPS.

You will want to make a great first impression, so put on your best business attire, grab your handsome/ chic business bag, and get ready to meet your new Client!

Oh, but before you head out the door, here are 10 important things to do prior to arrival, and upon assessment of your non-medical Senior or Disabled Client:

1. Call your Client, and/or a member of your Client's family before you leave, to inform them that you are on your way.

2. Arrive 5 minutes early.

3. Have your assessment form, receipt book and form of consent easily within your reach in order to avoid searching for forms in front of your Client. Business tools and documents  (You can transfer the completed hard copy forms to your computer later.)

4. Make sure you are fully present-that your Client has your undivided attention, and turn your cell phone off.

5. Smile often while speaking!

6. Ask questions and really get to know your new Client in an unrushed manner.

7. Make sure you and your Client have a clear understanding of the fees and services that will be provided.

8. Let them know that you are looking forward to assisting them!

9. Confirm service date and payment.

10. Leave business card and/or contact information with Client and all family members that may be present.

                      Enjoy assisting your Clients!

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