What Am I Doing On An Island?

After receiving a call from my Aunt pleading for me to come help a family member, I spent 1 week on the Island of Nueces Bay-which is 3 hours from Houston and about 6 hours away from the Gulf of Mexico.

During my stay on the island, I assisted and took care of business for not only 1 member of our family, but discovered that there were 3 others who also needed help,... including my Aunt herself!

I literally tossed and turned for nearly half of the nights that we were here, until I made my final decision to move.

We traveled back to Houston, Texas to inform my clients friends and colleagues that I was going to relocate.

 A couple of weeks later, after alot of tears and lingering goodbyes, we hit the road to Nueces Bay, Texas!

I was born here in Nueces Bay, otherwise known as Corpus Christi Texas, and when I was just short of 2 years old my mother and I moved to Northern California.

Since I have been on the island, I have had the chance to dig more into my family history and also take somewhat of a sabbatical.

 On my mothers side of the family, according to my grandfather, and family records, my great great grandfather was a Spaniard who migrated to Zacatecas, Mexico- then to Nueces Bay-He owned a store, a shoe shining business, a restaurant, and alot of land!



I feel a really strong connection and embracement from both sides of my family!

I have always wanted to live right by the beach, and now I am just 5 minutes away!

 When we first arrived, I was quite busy with assisting family members, but now I only assist them as needed or in emergency situations. I am also able to homeschool my younger 2 boys!

Winter arrives late in Nueces Bay-Even still, people are by the beach all year around!

           Future plans for Extraordinary Care1

My goal is for my business to be 100% online and virtual so that I can give my full attention to consulting blogging and advocating Professional Caregiving Entrepreneurship.

I was about to get left behind if I and my business didn't technically get with it!

I used to view social media as a distraction and stayed somewhat far away from it-but now I get it-it's all in how you use it!

I thought that I was the only one who felt that way, until I read several articles about how business owners of major companies still do not get online because of the same exact reason.

Now I want to know everything about virtual reality, telehealth, robots, new apps and all things that have to do with technology!

Taking my business online and rebranding has actually been a trial run that I have been teeter tottering around with for several months.

It was very hard for me to give up direct care because I love the one on one interactions with my Senior and Disabled Clients.

I will definitely get back to direct care when I get my degree in Natural Health, but it just may be virtually!

 Family Caregiving brought me here- it was a decision and a sacrifice that I didn't have to make, but I did...

Sometimes decisions are made and things happen which forces you to look at the bigger picture in your own life.

I have come to believe that this is the Universes hidden exit strategy for my offline business, and it's way of showing and telling me that I need to teach and tell what I know, and what I have learned and successfully accomplished.

 It's time to move onward, but I didn't really want to, not even in Houston because I was very very comfortable!

I was comfortable with my salary- with plans to expand, I was comfortable with my Clients and proud of my business, but one thing that I realized when I got to Nueces Bay,

All of this time I have been "comfortable", there were still some internal issues that were within me, whereas if I hadn't made the decision to relocate and help my family, I would have been moving so fast that I wouldn't have taken the time to deal with them.

Nueces Bay has been healing to me in every way. I was a workaholic and even after owning my business, I was still a workaholic by choice and by habit!

I love working and keeping busy- it may sound like a weird thing, or to some a good thing-but I used to view "taking it easy" as lazy.

But now I see that "taking it easy" is not only wise but healthy, and I need to sit down somewhere!

It IS possible to be doing what you love and enjoy it so much that you don't realize that you need a break or a vacation!

Sometimes I realized it, but I just didn't want to take a break! (Workaholic Syndrome)

Alot of the care assignments that I was on in Houston were more like little retreats for me, (somewhat like this one ironically but I am now on call and moving at a slower pace) so it was hard for me to detach!

 Why take Extraordinary Care1 online when I easily get private paying Senior and Disabled clients offline?....

I have spoke in great detail with some Professional employee Caregivers here in Nueces Bay, and now have the time and opportunity to do more research on Senior/Disabled care.

I am very surprised to find out that after over 20 years, the employee salary, working conditions, and complaints have not changed!

(I really have been in my own little business world!)

 So I began to have a very pressing need to educate and inform more people that-

1. This is a highly profitable profession that is still overlooked.

2. The  demand for Senior/Disabled care is rapidly increasing.

3. Awareness needs to be made at a higher level.

4. It is something that most ignore, but will all have to face one day-be it preparing for ourselves as we age, or our family and friends.

5. It's going to be Millennials and GenX taking care of the needs of Seniors and the Disabled-whether it be hands on, virtual, or technical...

6. There is a breed of Professional Senior Caregivers who are not suffering financially because they serve their own Clients.

So I was thinking, am I supposed to stay offline and keep all of this information to myself? I could and I did!

For the past few years, I have been going from Client to Client developing and establishing great business relationships, and other amenities from them that I have yet to tell.

When you hear and read about Professional Caregiving, it's usually about low paying salary and dissatisfaction.

There is a different face attitude status and lifestyle of an Independent Professional Caregiver that no one is talking about, and the money making potential for individuals and an assistant or 2 still has not been entirely discovered and tapped into.

I would like to come from behind the closed doors of my Senior and Disabled clients place of living, and give you even more unknown insight and information about this thriving and hidden business.

You may see Extraordinary Care with a fashion flair!

Why do I mix a little fashion and beauty with Professional Senior Caregiving?

To break the stereotypical look of the "poor Caregivers".

For Independent Professional Senior Caregivers, (or at least for the Independent Caregiver Entrepreneurs that I was around), we assisted our Clients with a full face of makeup.

Our hair was always styled well, and not just carelessly thrown back. (one of my Senior clients actually told me she likes when I wear my hair down versus up!)

For some clients, traditional scrubs were not necessary, so we wore fashionable attire with cute non-slip shoes- guys wore their polo or nice collared shirts and stylish slacks.

We wanted to make a great impression on our Senior and Disabled Clients and their family!

                           My Website 
I like to experiment try new things and change around from time to time on my website- like a magazine.

I'm not afraid to fail, or even sometimes look silly while I figure technology out, because I know that my message and mission will always be the same.

Why are you still powered by Blogger, don't you know that WordPress is way better?

Google caters to those who cater to them, so I will stay powered by Blogger for now and keep it as my main platform until I see a major reason to switch.

 Plus, I noticed that when I consistently post on Google's platform, my blogs reach first page when you search Entrepreneur, Caregiver, and Caregiver Entrepreneur!

 I love Google and it's products! Google is my rock! I Google everything and have done ALOT of online research googling-

I search for one thing and it always leads me to something better- or to some other information and answers to questions that's been stored away in the back of my head that I have always wanted to know about!

 Everything has to go through Google anyways, so why not stay on their platform? I support Google and their products.


Now that I can give my full attention to my online business, I can focus on blogging consistently. I was originally supposed to be blogging three times a week.

 My 10 Day Blog Series  was actually based on a challenge to myself!

The challenge was to see if I can blog for 10 days straight, (even on the weekends) all in the midst of my 3 year old hopping in my lap EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I went to blog, and major transitionings in my life and business.

Needless to say, typos and all, I don't regret it because if I didn't do it, then I don't think I ever would. The challenge to myself was intended to get me back into the habit of writing again.

So thank you Google readers who read and plus 1 on my blog, (though most likes on my website accidentally got erased when I transferred from blogspot to my own domain) and to everyone that follows my Google+ Collection page!

I also didn't know that I was getting a few likes per blog in the different communities that I was posting to when I first started out because I wasn't aware that I needed to check my Google+ messages on my page!!

( I'm from Silicon Valley and I know that Larry Page and Sergey Brin would be shaking their heads at me right now!)

 Making a true connection with like-minded people has always been a big thing with me on and offline!

I started out reading and commenting on Bloglovin' without even realizing that I had signed up for that particular platform-

She has NO idea what she's doing online sometimes!....

But, in the midst of my commenting,  I discovered that I had some followers and I hadn't even wrote 1 single blog post yet- All from a comment!

 Thank you Bloggers on Bloglovin'-my first and true blogging inspirations! Especially The Social Girl traveler.

                                Now what?

My first priority is connecting and networking! I will be taking my time to carefully and strategically develop Extraordinary Care1 online.
I have ideas coming from all different parts of my brain that will soon connect to my new online businesses-including behind the scenes on the island of Nueces Bay, which is actually an island within many islands!

This is me way out there swimming! I've been swimming since the age of 5- once I get in the water, it's hard getting me out! 

Did you enjoy reading this post? Who was your very first business or blogger inspiration?....Have you ever heard of or been to Corpus Christi-Nueces Bay, Texas?

My consultation services are now available!

           Welcome To Extraordinary Care1  
My name is Tiffany Tene' Armstead, and I am the owner, founder, and CEO of Extraordinary Care1-a small, independent, private paying Care Service for Elders, Seniors, and the Disabled.

Whether you are new to Senior Care, or experienced, my goal is for you to have everything that you need, to begin your own mini Senior Care Service, right here on my website-with just a CLICK of a button!

Join me on the island of Nueces Bay, as I continue to reinnovate, and transition my offline business, to be 100% online and virtual.

 Feel free to Contact Me or chat with us right here on the website.                             

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