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Friday, January 13, 2017

24 Professional Caregiving Titles To Put On Your Business Cards


Hello! My name is,.... and I am a Professional Caregiver Entrepreneur???

What do I personally call myself as a Self-employed Professional Caregiver?

The Professional Caregiver has many names and titles that vary from state to state, and country to country.

You can differentiate your title from your profession, or you can mix your title and profession together.

For Professional Caregivers to have business cards is rare! Even though my small Senior and Disabled care service thrived from Referrals, I still had my business cards on hand!


                      Extraordinary Care1

                      Tiffany Armstead
           Independent Home Care Provider
                    Owner and Founder

                       Extraordinary Care1

                    Tiffany Tene' Armstead
                    SENIOR CARE ASSISTANT
                      Owner Founder CEO

 Here are 24 Names and titles to use when someone inquires about your Caregiving Service-And to put on your business cards and/or brochures.

  Hello! My name is,.... and I am a:

1.  Independent Senior Care Assistant

2.  Senior Care Assistant

3.  Independent Senior Caregiver

4.  Direct Caregiver

5.  Independent Direct Caregiver

6.  Independent Care Provider

7.  Independent Home Care Provider

8.  Private Duty Caregiver

9.  Private Duty Care Provider

10.  Direct Care Provider

11.  Independent Home Health Care Provider

12.  Private Duty Home Health Provider

13.  Private Duty Home Care Provider

14.  Independent Non-Medical Caregiver

15.  Independent Non-Medical Care

16.  Independent Professional Caregiver

17.  Independent Senior and Disabled Care Provider

18.  Independent Professional Care Provider

19.  Independent Senior Care Attendant

20.  Geriatric Care Provider

21.  Independent Geriatric Care Provider

22.  Senior Caregiver

23.  Senior Care Provider

24.  Independent Care Provider for Seniors and the Disabled Community

See how you can play around with your new title!

Which one sounds the best to you?

Are there any other names and titles that I can add to the list that you know of?

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