7 Tips To Interviewing Your Help Like A BOSS!


When you have a couple of excellent Assistants already in place, it not only takes the extra pressure and hassle off of your Clients and their family members, it also will make them feel more secure-knowing that if somehow you are unable to assist them on a certain day, your Small or Mini Care service has back up.

In looking for your perfect Assistants or Partners, you may even run across someone who has more experience than you as a Direct Care Provider-But that doesn't mean that they are more Professional.

The most important thing is-How do they interact with your Client?

It is advisable that you do a pre-screening interview BEFORE you present them to your Client as possible help.

Note: Something that I had to learn after bringing an assistant with me to a potential Client for an Assessment:

Even though I informed a potential Client that I had extra assistance coming along because my schedule was fully booked, after the assessment, they called and told me that they only wanted my assistance.

Since they were going to be a new Client, I should have met with them FIRST, and then AFTER getting to know their likes and dislikes, introduce them to my assistant.

 Be aware that sometimes your Clients will not like who you may think, so be very picky and selective!

This is something that I feel that not only the Senior Care industry fails to do, but even Primary Care Physicians, and myself as Sole-Proprietor.

 Elders and people of Disability have a hard time adapting to sudden change-New faces, new personalities, and new schedules.

If there has to be a sudden change, it might as well be with someone who is just like you!


                        Find Your Clones!

To make the process easier, always choose someone who has your exact same personality traits-many times, personality traits, work ethic, and habits, prevail over experience.

This is not to say that experience does not matter, but in this business, you have to be a very good judge of character.

Side note about Inexperienced Professional Caregivers, Nurses, and Health Attendants-There are many businesses who rather work with people straight out of high school, college, or technical training programs, than with those who are more experienced-and not just because of overqualification.

Based on my experience, these type of "newbies" tend to be less jaded, fresh with zeal and excitement, ready to embark on a new task, and eager to put into action what they have learned.

Interview Locations 

You can interview at a Clients place of living, restaurant, coffee shop- or via FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts.


Your first interview should be for introduction only, not for determination.

You will still need to observe how your Client and your possible Assistant/Partner will interact with one another in person.

Here are my 7 tips to interviewing your help like a BOSS!


1. Make a list of particular things that you would like to know about your possible Assistant or Partner, as well as important questions that you need to ask them.

2. As always, dress the part! I am a firm believer that when you dress the part as boss in this particular field, you will be well respected, and your help will take you more seriously!

3. As you listen and watch your potential help, take a mental and written note as to what impressed you the most about them, as well as what may be a problem.

Do they genuinely appear to enjoy this type of care service?

Do they appear to have key personality traits that are critical to providing Senior and Elder care services? Read-How Do You Go Above And Beyond?

4. Give your potential Assistant a brief description of your Client without unnecessary personal details, as they are not hired yet. Give them a thorough description of duties and expectations.

5. As stated above, don't present them to your Clients until you are almost positive that they will be a good fit. This can include allowing them to talk to your Client and their family over the phone, or virtually, before you even allow them to meet in person.

 There will be some Clients and members of their family who do not want to be involved AT ALL in the hiring process of your help, or Partner.

6. Your expectations should be very clear and precise. Though your help will be more like your business partner than your employee, all actions and conduct will be under your business name.

 7. You should be approachable, friendly, and polite- but yet very firm. Your possible help should know that you are not just an individual looking for side help-

                     YOU ARE A BUSINESS!

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