Don't Wait Until Something Happens-Business Professionals, Take A Break Now!

I was the one where I had no time-well I mean, (hiccup) didn't take the time out for an adequate social or family life. My business was my life.

I ate, slept, breathed, sweat, cried,...
and breathed again.... Extraordinary Care!

While at the time I loved it, perhaps instead of making it my WHOLE life...well, 90% of my life I'd say, I think it should just be a huge PART of my life.

I would often get these calls from my mom....,"When am I going to see you?".... I would always say-" I don't know Mom, I'm pretty busy!"

I would also get other calls from cousins every year- "Hello Tiffany, I was calling to tell you about the family reunion, it's going to be....," What family reunion?

 I have a family reunion going on right here with my Elder and Senior Clients.., AND THEIR family!

I spent birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and all other celebrations with them- and enjoyed it all!

I seriously forgot about everyone else except for my children. All others didn't matter if they weren't my Elder, Senior, or Disabled Clients...Yes, that was me!

When you have a business, your Clients will seem like family members and you will feel closer to them than your own flesh and blood, and vice versa.

I had a 91 year old sharp as a ninja knife Client say to me one day out of the blue,

 "You know, I wish I would have slowed down a bit when my career really took off to spend more time visiting my parents."

At 91 years old, it still seemed to be eating him up inside...

The whole time I was running my business, I never once took a break. For what? I'm fine! Vacation??? .. That's what the weekends and my days off are for...

I did splurge and treat myself and my immediate family often, and at the time, I was okay with that!

Meanwhile, over the entire time that I was running my hands on Senior Care service, several,,...I'd say OVER 10 of my own family members passed away - some back to back...

                           Don't Wait

Don't wait until a loved one is really sick or dying...

Don't wait until a loved one gets Dementia or Alzheimer's and can't even remember who you are...

Don't wait until something happens-

Business Professional, Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Nursepreneurs,...and all other preneurs, you should plan now for a family get away, vacation,....or even a staycation!

Where have you always wanted to go? Start planning! It doesn't necessarily have to be in another country just yet.

Wherever your family may be, go see them more often, take pictures, and make more memories together!

Have you ever wanted to go to China Town in San Francisco? (My own grandmother's favorite place to go.)

 Is anyone in your family obsessed with  Hollywood but still has never been?


(Are your grandparents always telling you  stories about how he or she used to dream of becoming a movie star?)

                            OR......,Have you ever wanted to ride a Gondola in Venice,Italy?


I'm  inspired by certain stories like travel blogger Johnny Ward now traveling around the world at times with his mom who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Mum Skydiving at 65 For Parkinson's Disease

And Danah Freeman who I met briefly on a Twitter chat! She has been traveling with her 90 something year old grandmother since the age of 12! Cruising Costs Rica And Panama

Professional Caregivers can even plan a trip with their Clients, and people with Disabilities can take cruises! This one particular website I just found out about is called Accessible journey'

Accessible Journeys has Wheelchair accessible cruises, Group tours and Independent family tours to Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, France, India, Italy, Vietnam, and many more countries!

If you are reluctant to travel with Elders, grab a copy of the book 365 Caregiving Travel and Respite Tips.

This book is written by 5 Family Caregivers that give very quick and useful tips to help Caregivers make smooth, easy, and organized transitions while caring for and traveling with a loved one. (I found it to be very useful for Professional Caregivers as well!)

I will be planning a trip to Africa next year! If you could go anywhere in the world right now with your family, where would you go? Tell me in the comment box!


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