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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How To Use Senior Care Agencies To Your Business Advantage


 You will have a wide opportunity to gain a private paying Client for your own Mini Care Service when you sign onto a Non-Medical Senior Care Agency who has Clients at a Senior Care Facility or Retirement Home.

If you are not exposed to the Senior or Disabled Community, this is a great way to start so that you can see what Elders, Seniors, and the Disabled are personally lacking and in need of, and cater your own services around your findings.

You may even be approached by a Senior or their family member inquiring about your services, and choose to assist all of your private paying Clients at the same Facility as your Agency Client! 8 Key Places To Find Private Paying Clients and So What's The Secret?

One lady who had a Client at a Senior Care Facility where one of my Clients resided, gained more private paying Clients by randomly helping Elders who seemed lost. (Even when some Elders are living at a facility, they forget where their room is.)

She specialized in finding those who were wandering around, and escorted them to and from certain activities, and to and from the dining room at mealtimes.


From there, she winded up privately assisting several Elderly Clients by also running errands for them or reminding them of certain things that they needed to do.

Soon, others seen the one on one attention that their Elderly neighbors were getting and started requesting her services!


This is your chance to familiarize yourself with other residents, staff, and family members of the Facility or Retirement Home that you are assigned to.

As you get to know the Staff Members of these facilities, you can find out when a potential Clients family usually comes to visit, or you may overhear them talking amongst themselves about certain Residents who really need one on one assistance.

Also, you can personally introduce yourself to the Administrator of the Facility and the Receptionist-Plus give them your business card!

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Note: When you have Private Paying Clients at a Facility or Retirement home, you are also helping the high Client low staff ratio dilemma.

Meaning, the Professional Caregivers who are employed at these facilities will not have to tend to your own Clients as much-Thus giving them more time and patience to assist other Residents!



1. Fill out applications at 3-6 different Non-Medical Senior Care Agencies. If you are inexperienced, it usually does not take long to get trained and begin working because you will be assigned to Clients who do not need medical help.

It's good to have several Agencies at your disposal-The more exposure to Senior Clients, the merrier for your business!

Also, if one agency is slow, you will have plenty of others calling you!

2. Set your hours according to how often you desire to work, and your availability.  

You will now have up to 6 different facilities which will give you a chance to network and soft market your own business on your break or before or after your agency assignment.

(I say up to, because some assignments will be in the Clients personal home.)

 3. Once you get your own Client, don't leave the agency's Client right away. Many times the agency will be your best friend. Especially if you are just starting out.

4. As you get more private paying Clients, or if your intention is to just have 1 private paying Elder, Senior, or Disabled Client, you can slowly wean yourself off of the agency-Read Specific Circumstances And Events to see how I weaned myself off of an Agency.

Some Benefits to having an agency Client and your own private paying Client at the same location is that you can have a perfect schedule catered around the two of them, it's convenient, and it saves gas!

If you want to be on-call, and not be bound to a permanent Client at the agency, you will get exposed to EVEN MORE people and places where you can network your own business!

This is just one of the many ways that you can begin your own mini Senior Care service!

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