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Friday, January 20, 2017

I Never Got Sick And Tired Of Assisting "Old People"! 4 Powerful Methods I Used


Literally! I never got sick and tired of my Clients, and I never had a sick day! I was running off of adrenaline, passion, and excitement- times ten!

Oh yes, and coffee!

Ever since I allowed my very first Senior Client Ms. Hudson to convince me to meet up with a potential client while I was 8 months pregnant, I took every piece of her advice, (except for my business name in which she thinks is too long) ran with it, and refused to let anything get in my way of servicing current and future clients.

But I couldn't just continue to assist on passion and emotional drive alone, if I wanted to provide excellent customer service everyday, and if I wanted to persevere through the unexpected, I had to do more...

                   SO HERE IS WHAT I DID!

1.  Boosted My Immune System

I weathered the winter flu with Orange Juice. I figured this out early on in my career when I was assisting a Client who resided at a Senior Living Facility.

The small kitchen that the residents ate meals at on that particular hall had a juice machine. Every 2 hours I went and filled a cup with orange juice for 1 whole day, and the symptoms of what could have been a cold went away.

The earlier you catch your body drifting away, the sooner you can take action to punch the germs out of your system.

If I feel something coming on, before it tries to get worse- I want to knock it out!

I later on began to prepare myself before flu season, making sure that I had the proper nutrients in my body all year around, so that my system can start to naturally resist the cold and flu.



I refused to continue to say over and over, "I'm getting sick, or I'm coming down with something"-which brings me to the next thing that I did:

2. Used The Power Of The Spoken Word

If I felt I was coming down with a bug, instead of saying "I'm getting sick", I say out loud-

                  "Oh no you don't!" 

"I don't have time to be sick, I have 5 children and a business to run!"

I have been using the power of the spoken word for years, and it works like a charm! I challenge you to try it the next time you feel something coming on!

3. I Was Optimistic


Optimism helps you find the good out of or in every difficult situation. It helps you to not just look at one solution to a problem, but different ways in which you can see things in a positive light.

Always try to find light and hope somewhere in the midst of sticky situations- because if you don't, you will go crazy!

I feel that you can't run a business without optimism. 

Without optimism, you will always be on edge or wind up spending too much time focusing on the negative aspects and outcomes of every little thing.

4. Made Positive Energy Shine Above Grumpy Days         

 Your private paying Senior or Elder Client/s may have some challenging days- We all do!

 When these days occurred, I learned not to change the tone of my voice, or my positive attitude towards them- when they seen that their grumpy day didn't affect me, their attitude changed for the better!

Are there any specific things that you do that keeps you from getting sick and tired of your career?

How Do You Stay Positive?

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