Instant Online Background Checks!

Instant Online background checks gives self-employed Professional Caregivers a quick, easy, affordable, and convenient way to give private paying Senior or Disabled Clients and their family members- comfort, safety, and assurance.

Most Elder Clients and their family members have never even seen a Professional Caregivers background check- though they have every right to ask for it.

I have seen large companies who hire and talk about the importance of background checks-

  But do Elder Clients and/or their family members really research large Senior Care businesses  (besides better business bureau) to check on the CEO, owner, or president of the company?

Have they even talked to them first hand?

Nope! They are too big or too busy- but this industry is too sensitive, and cannot afford to be too big,... or too busy for the sake of quality care assistance. 

I say this because I feel though large Senior Care businesses and Agencies are performing "rigorous background checks", the Senior Care industry is still coming up short in hiring adequate Professional Caregivers-and say that it's a "training problem".....

I call it a "lack of good character" problem. There are many Professional Caregivers-(certified and uncertified) who are trained, but yet there are still numerous reports of neglect and abuse.

There are also some NON-MEDICAL Senior businesses that do not train at all, give very little training, or just instructs you to sign a paper that says that you went through a specific type of training -even when you really haven't...

Sometimes you could be signing all of these papers just for the sake of requirements and signatures!

(I am referring to NON-MEDICAL assistance)

Who needs to be constantly trained to properly grocery shop, remind people of medication, household duties, check on someone every two hours, or assist with transportation to appointments?

These are NON-MEDICAL everyday life situations!

NOTE: When you have private paying Senior Clients, they will tell you exactly what they need for you to do, and how.

But the problem is, people getting impatient when an elder keeps asking the same question, workers getting upset because they don't know how to handle a difficult Client, issues a worker may be having at home that they bring to the workplace, or they are just in the wrong field!

This is also why I say that all you need is an honest and loving heart to become a Professional Caregiver- no medical background or experience.

The above statement may sound cheesy, but we often overlook pure simplicity... 

As owner and CEO of your own mini or small care service, your Clients will have full access to your business-Because you will be upfront, close, and personal.

You are the founder of your own independent company, and they can come straight to you with any problem that they have!

Keeping one on one home care quaint, (and I'm not talking about isolation) allows for more intimacy and personal needs catered to your Elder, Senior, or Disabled Client.

Who holds you accountable then?

Who holds other businesses accountable?

Independent Professional Senior Care Assistants are more likely to get spotted with neglect or abuse because there is no where to hide-And less chance of Professional Caregiver Fraud.

Neighbors see you, family members and/or friends pop in and out randomly, and if anything is to come up short or missing, instead of trying to figure out who did it on what shift....,

All eyes would be on you or your assistant.( Less people to weed out)

With all of that being said, (or written) I chose to partner up with Direct Screening


When a potential Elder, Senior, or Disabled Client needs assistance, 9 times out of 10, they need it RIGHT AWAY!

   With Direct Screening, your background check will be ready to print out or e-mail within seconds!

You and your Senior Clients can even do this together- if they desire, and it will bring any type of doubts that they may naturally have to rest.

I am confident that they will greatly appreciate being involved in the process of immediate online access to your background!

Are you prepared to properly assist private paying Elder, Senior or Disabled Clients on demand?

Stand out from amongst the rest, and allow your private paying Senior Client/s and their family to be involved in your immediate online background check.

My goal is for you to have everything that you need to begin a mini or small care service right here on my website with just a click of a button!

I have an affiliate partnership with Direct Screening. When you click on the links and make a purchase, I may receive a comission. 

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