My Experience With Grasshopper

 I was so excited to stumble upon a virtual phone service that provided my small business with a toll-free number and e-mail faxes.

Though it did what it was suppose to do at that particular time, there were two things that bothered me:

                               Problem #1:

 First, you had to leave your e-mail address for a demonstration, then a representative would call you. If you wanted to mix some other services in, you needed to call to explain that to a rep to make sure that your service order came out right...

                              Problem #2

The tone in their voice was more like sales than customer service, they rushed me through the whole process, and seemed to get a little agitated when I asked alot questions!

(I talked to about 3 or 4 different reps at this one particular virtual phone company.)

Well, I recently got in touch with them again expecting a different experience, but received the same result in their customer service department!

I didn't get my question answered through the first rep, so I called another one.

About an hour later, I received a call back and a decent answer to my question, but in a tone that was like they didn't want to be bothered.

Lack of Customer Service is my number one pet peeve! 

So I thought I would give Grasshopper a go!


Grasshopper has very easy site navigation, and you don't have to give them your e-mail address for a demonstration!

Purchasing shouldn't have to be complicated, and if it takes too long- or if I have to fill out or go through too much information, I'm going to look for an easier way.

                      Is anybody else like this?

Signing up is a breeze on Grasshopper!
When you first arrive on the site, click on, 'See How It Works.' It's easy explanation will lead you to select the local or toll-free business number you would like, sign-up, pay, and quickly be provided with a new business number to show off right away!

I didn't have to verbally confirm anything in order to receive my toll free number, but when I needed to make some changes later on, the customer service rep was very thorough, patient, and provided me with additional useful information.

I could tell in her voice that she genuinely liked what she was doing, and was truly happy to be of assistance to me.

She also reminded me twice that if I had anymore questions, I was welcome to call back at any time because they were open 24 hours!

The Benefit Of A Toll-Free Number For Private Professional Caregivers

Your toll-free number can lead you to some very lucrative temporary private paying Assignments!

Toll-free numbers as Sole-Proprietors will professionalize your small private business, and may also give you an opportunity to travel as a Professional Caregiver if you advertise online-especially in online classified ad sections.
What I teach is different from owning a Home Health Agency. My business services refer to private care assistance for up to 10 Elder, Senior, and Disabled Clients.

Plus, you don't have to fill out tons of paperwork to get started , deal with any Medicare forms, or wait for payments!

My goal is to provide new, inexperienced and experienced Professional Senior Caregivers with everything that they need to begin a small or mini Elder, Senior, and/or Disabled care service right here on my website with just a click of a button.

 Click Here for your own Grasshopper virtual phone service experience!

Extraordinary Care1 has an affiliate partnership with Grasshopper and may receive a commission from your purchase.

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Whether you are new to Senior Care, or experienced, my goal is for you to have everything that you need, to begin your own mini Senior Care Service, right here on my website-with just a CLICK of a button!

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