3 Major Ways To Build Trust With Your Senior and Disabled Clients


What is it about a person that causes you to trust them?..... Is it the way they look, the way they speak, the way that they present themselves?

Whatever it may be, close your eyes and try to picture yourself at 65 years old,... then try to picture yourself at 85 years old....

Now imagine that you are unable to do some of the things that you used to do....perhaps at 65 your fine- but you just want someone to keep you company, or at 75 you may not even want to cook..., maybe at 85 your a little weak...

So you finally decide that you are going to need some help. You've had many people that have offered to assist you, but you just don't know...

Who can I really trust in my home? In my bedroom? In my kitchen? In my car?

Imagine that you now have to rely on complete strangers to help you in your daily activities.Who do you trust?

As Millennials and GenX, we may still be going through, or have already went through a time period of knowing whether or not people are a good fit for us.

The same trust factors that we look for in people, are typically the same trust factors that the Disabled and Senior Community look for.

The difference is that as specific needs rise up in their lives, they suddenly find themselves wanting or needing IMMEDIATE assistance-they then have to be able to QUICKLY trust someone.

All while going through so many Cha- cha-cha-changes!

As many begin to age and encounter changes in their mind, body, and emotions, (for many, such changes occur all at one time) they now have to look for some type of outside assistance....
Some don't want to admit it-(would you after being independent for so long?) Some gradually accept it, and some willingly seek support and assistance.

(Of course everyone ages differently, and as healthy as I think that I am, there are many Seniors and Elders who are living a healthier lifestyle than I!)


How do we build trust with Elder, Senior, and Disabled Clients?


Show them that they can always count and depend on us by being diligent, committed, and consistent with them.

Always keep their treasured secrets, never being misleading, lying, stealing, taking their kindness for weakness, or cheating them out of their money.


Respect their rights, property, space, items, and privacy-And ask them if we are unsure about anything while assisting them, whether it be a big or small matter.


Let them know what's going on at all times-whether we are making an appointment for them, or talking to someone on their behalf; Include our Clients, and always fill them in on every single detail.

Even after shopping for a Client, show them the receipt and go over the items that were on their list.

Also, no matter how many times we go to a Clients place of living at the same time and on the same day, always touch basis by calling before we come.

Are there any other trust factors that you would like to add?

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