365 Caregiving Tips: Travel and Respite Book Review

Who says you can't travel with an Elderly or Disabled loved one?

Whether you are traveling together by air, sea, or land, these 5 Family Caregivers can tell you everything that you need to know about, before, during, and after traveling with your Elderly or Disabled Client or loved one.

They have successfully done it with some humps and bumps along the way, but are here to help save you time, money, and hassle by giving you 365 practical tips to make traveling with an older one as organized as possible-and enjoyable for allllll aboarrrrd!!!

365 Caregiving Tips: Travel and Respite 

 Busy Family and Professional Caregivers need to be able to learn and quickly grasp things on the go! This book allows us to do just that, and at the same time, gives us several doses of encouragement, fun activities, and "small retreats" for self-care.

"The True Courage Is In Facing Danger When You Are Afraid"  Frank L. Baum

Do you fear the worse when it comes to traveling? Yet alone traveling with an Elderly or Disabled friend or loved one who may have a terminal illness?

Rest assured! These 5 gentle guides will not only help ease your fears, but will also give you several neat hacks for traveling Caregivers;

Like how to properly store a wheelchair on a plane, bus, or train-

How to go about requesting bulkhead seating for more leg room, 

How to best utilize your dining options,

And how to use party supply items to decorate your cabin door to make it easier to find! (How fun!)

Straight and To The Point Effective Tips!

This 52 page book gives you tricks and tips on all of the things that you think that you will remember when preparing for traveling, but don't!...and won't. 

Also, the layout of the book is not overwhelming and is very easy to digest. Though they are quick tips, they do not cut corners in their explanations.

In one sentence to short paragraph formats, these 5 Family Caregivers leave no stone unturned!

Though no one can predict the outcome of any trip, every single one of the 365 Caregiving tips in this book will-

. Help you avoid major traveling pitfalls, 

 . Help you make smoother transitions

. Help keep you very organized, 

. Help you to be extra flexible in your activities, planning, and care,

. Help you with safety and emergency issues 

After reading this book, you will be excited and more than confident to travel with your Elder or Disabled Clients or loved ones!

My 2 favorite self-care tips from the book are:

Eat some chocolate. Really. Right now!


 Laugh. Laugh as much as you can. Laugh until you cry and your stomach hurts. Laugh!

Ready to go?

Check out their website at www.365caregivingtips.com

Click below to-

Authors:  Pegi Foulkrod
              Gincy Heins
                           Trish Hughes Kreis
                 Richard Kreis
                 Kathy Lowrey

PS: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are of my own.

Have you ever traveled long distance with an Elderly or Disabled loved one or Client?

If not, would you ever consider it?

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