8 Simple Steps To Immediately Begin Your Mini Senior Care Services Within 72 Hours!

 College and Career/Side Hustle/Traditional Business

This blog can be used as a guide and 72 hour checklist most useful when done in order!

 I promise you that this business is one of the most EASIEST, self-starting services to provide- and I would like to help make it even EASIER!

       Your 72 Hour Checklist 

1. Read My Blog Series

   I have written 10 short blogs which will;

A. Give you an overall outlook, history, and meaning behind Self-employed Professional Senior Care Assistants and Nurse Aides.

B. Tell you where you will most likely find Senior and/or Disabled Clients for your business.

C. Explain the importance of Professionalism and the Client Referral Method.

(Client Referral AKA-Word Of Mouth)

D. Explain how you can prevent your salary from decreasing, and provide business links to simple and free templates to download!

      Total Reading Time----30 Minutes 

(Each Blog takes approximately 3-4 minutes)

    Total Cost-------- FREE

Complete Your First Step On The Checklist Here!

2. Take an Online Class and Get A Diploma in Caregiving, Mental Health, Psychology, Business and Entrepreneurship, Customer Service, and MORE!

You will need to invest in yourself and your business-whether it be learning through blogs, books, videos, workshops, and/ or classes. 

You don't have to do it all at once-
And you can start right here online!

Total Time------1-20 Hours 

 Total Cost Of Courses------FREE

Cost Of Certificate or Diploma------$30-$80

      (Including Shipping)

 Complete your Introductory To Caregiving Course through Alison. 'Intro To Caregiving' only takes 1-2 hours to complete!

PS: You can download your Learners Record for free, and if you want to buy your Certificate or Diploma, you can do so at ANY TIME!

If you buy your Certificate, you can choose to get it in PDF form, paper, or framed parchment-your transcript will also be included!

For Diplomas, you can either get a paper or framed parchment- They do not provide Diplomas in PDF form.

Also, you can easily add your Learners Record, Certificate, or Diploma to your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles!

Get Your Certificate!

3. Choose A Care Service Or Services To Offer Based On Your Personality

What type of service or services would you enjoy providing to the Senior and Disabled Community?

 Did you know that you can choose a service that compliments your personality?

This will definitely help you to fully enjoy the Senior Care Industry!

Total Time------24 Hours 

Total Cost-----Free

Choose to offer your service to Senior Clients based on your personality HERE


4. Choose Your Business Name and Title 

 Your the Boss! What do you want to call yourself?

What do you want to name your Senior Care Service? 

Total Time------12 Hours 

Total Cost-----Free

Click HERE for some suggestions, and to Complete Step 4!

PS: I wanted to add 2 other titles suggestions;

-Elder and Senior Care Assistant

-Senior Care Assistant 

5. Get Your DBA and Tax ID number

Doing Business As (DBA) document will prevent your business name from being duplicated in your state, and validate you as owner of your business name. 

Your DBA will be given to you immediately upon completion of signing, if you get it at your County Clerks Office.

You may also be able to complete it online depending on where you live!

Total Time------15 Minutes-1 1/2 Hour 

Time frame depends on if you get your DBA over the phone or at your County Clerks Office.

Total Cost-----$12.00-$16.00

Your Tax ID Number is a number similar to your Social Security Number and will be used for your taxes since you will be self-employed!

Another word for Tax ID Number is Employer Identification Number-EIN

Total Cost------FREE!

Complete step 5, Get your DBA from your County Clerks office or state government.

Get your EIN NUMBER or call 1-800-829-4933

PS: Applying for your EIN number over the phone is a very short process!

IRS just made it available to obtain online last year!

You will read about it in detail in my blog series under-Business Tools and Documents. 4 MINUTE READ

6. Get Business Cards, A Website,  A Business Phone Number, and an E-mail address 

My business thrived from my Clients and family referrals! I did not need to further extend my services outside of my on going referrals, and I barely even used mine; however, I do highly recommend them!

Total Time-----24-48 Hours

Business Cards Total Cost

You can buy and build your own website right here on Blogger or Wix, or have someone build and design it for you. 

Though most Elders are barely online, members of their family and the Disabled Community who seek Professional services are!

 Total Cost for website

Complete step 6 and find out how to make yourself more available to the Senior community offline and online HERE

7. Create An Office Space 

Whether it be in your kitchen, living room, garage, bedroom, den, or a small corner somewhere in your house or apartment, create a space where you can plan and do things for your business.

Later, I will write a blog on how to do this Virtually.

Total Time------1 Hour 

Total Cost------0-$50 (or whatever amount you want to spend on a desk and chair if you don't have one already!)

8. Buy Your Basic Office Supplies 


Total Time-----1 Hour 

Total Cost-----$10-$30

8 Simple Steps To Begin Your Mini Senior Care Service in 72 Hours!

Blog Series-30 minutes

Intro to Care Course and Diploma in Caregiving- 8 Hours

Pick a Care Service to provide and choose a business name-12 Hours 

Get your DBA and tax ID#- 1 hour 30 minutes

Get some business cards and a website-48 Hours 

Create an office space and get basic office supplies-2 Hours 

Get Started Today!

BEGIN READING: How To Become A Professional Caregiver Entrepreneur for Seniors and the Disabled

My consultation services are now available!

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