Here We Are! Where Are You??

Can potential Senior customers who need care assistance find you as a self-employed Professional Caregiver?

Although Elders are getting more tech savvy, they still are not online as much as Millennials and GenX!

Of course you will quickly obtain private paying Clients without getting online to search for them-Which is the reason why many Independent Senior Care Assistants still are not actively online.....,

BUT, in addition to finding private paying Senior Clients to assist offline, think of how a potential Client and their family would view you after you have given them your business card as a Professional Caregiver?

And then on top of that, you are able to point to your own website address on your business card and say, "Oh yes, and you or a member of your family can also find and connect with me online!"

 Especially useful when they are in a hurry or don't have time to talk. 

If they have time to talk:

   You can then explain to them how they can go about finding more information about you and your services as a Professional Senior Caregiver for professionalism, legitimacy, and for further verification via your own website!

I mean, self-employed  Professional Senior Caregivers yet alone Nurses, don't just go around passing out business cards-But when you see one that does, it's very impressive!

It's also very rare for Independent Senior Caregivers to have their own website offering their services- But this is what you should do to set yourself apart!

 It's Not Really New, It's Just That Very Few Are Doing It As Professional Senior Caregivers! 

I was at the eye doctor once with one of my Senior Clients, when another Professional Caregiver gave me her business card.

 Her mannerism, and the way she approached me impressed me so-that until this day, I can still remember exactly what she looked like
and the name of her small Care Service.

(And that was about 3 years ago!)

I believe the same impression that the Professional Caregiver had on me, will be the same your potential Senior customers will have on you when you proudly present them with your business card that has your own website and business number.                         
Professional Senior Caregivers! You run the show!

Whether you are just learning about this industry, new, or a seasoned Senior Caregiver,

                     You Run The Show!

You Run The Show Because Senior Care Cannot Operate Without You!

That's why it is so important for Professional Senior Caregivers to stop complaining about wages and work conditions, and to stop waiting for the industry or whoever else to make decisions as to how much they should pay you!

You already have everything that you need to make more money, and to set your own days and hours for Senior Care Entrepreneurship...(record scratch).......... Except you don't have, or maybe feel as if you cannot find Customers...

But to help new and experienced Senior Caregivers, I wrote a blog called  8 Key Places To Find Private Paying Senior Clients.

I strongly believe that once Professional Senior Caregivers learn the business side of the field, they will then stop thinking of themselves as the underdog in the Senior Care Industry.

Learning the business side of Senior Caregiving for the most part is easy!


Pay for someone to build it for you, or DIY. The reason that I work on my own website is because I like experimenting and learning about techy things-There are some other reasons why I choose to have my business blog on Blogger.

You can read all about it right here.

Blogger is great for starters,

But, the EASIEST way to simply drop and drag fast, and have it looking like a professional did it, is Everything is right there for you-Even when you have questions!

WIX has tons of tutorials, their own business blogs to keep you updated, and all of the latest trends, designs, and apps to help you and your website-even artificial intelligence!

I also stumbled across in which you can choose and make your own logo with the sites built in design system, (or have your name in a certain font design) get a website, and promotional items for your business!

I like because you can see your design displayed on different promotional products like mugs, shirts, pens, and tablets before you make a purchase.

 When you see how your business name looks on the promotional items it's going to really motivate you and fire you up for service!

It's not exactly free. You will be able to easily design your logo for free, and if you like it, you pay $39.95 to keep and download for use.

You can also easily rearrange the design of your business cards to match your logo on for just a few dollars more. 

 And of course, Vistaprint. I used to use Vistaprint for my business cards. Their delivery is quick, and I always received them on time. 

If you would like someone to design your website using Blogger platform, I recommend 

 You can easily see previews of all of the web templates/ designs that they do, take your time, and carefully choose the one that you like without having to sign in or give any other details about yourself.

Once you go to pipdig, your going to want all of the designs!

(All of the businesses that I suggested for web presence are not sponsored, these are all my own opinions.)

As an Independent Professional Senior Caregiver, Your Website Can Just Have The Following 5 Things:


1. Your Home Page which could be a design, your business name, and your picture. 

Post a professional picture of you. Avoid putting unprofessional pictures on any of your business pages.

You can still show your outgoing personality in a professional way!

I'm just trying to look at it in the eyes of a potential Senior customer!

2. About Me
Tell your future Elder, Senior, or Disajbled Clients about you! Your personality, what you enjoy doing, your experience or volunteer work. Or you can say it in a video, and upload it on your site!

     3. My Services 
List the type, or types of services that you have to offer, how much you charge (optional) and other information that you would like for your future Senior customers and their 
family to know about how you will be able to help them.

Even if you are inexperienced and you are offering NON-MEDICAL assistance, you can post a pic of you and your grandfather, grandmother, or older aunt and uncle and tell a little bit about your relationship with them and/or what you enjoy doing together

4. Contact 
Your business number in which they can contact you, and your e-mail address. (Don't forget to answer your phone in your business name!)

5. Testimonials 
If you have experience, you can add a testimonial page where you can put nice (and legitimate) things that Seniors and/or their family have to say about you. 

This is like the reference page that you fill out on an application- but instead of listing their phone number and details online, you can ask them for a positive, personal, or working experience with you-

You then can take those words, their name, (some might let you use their picture, some will not) and put it on your Testimonial Page or in conjunction with your About Me page.

It doesn't have to be complicated! You don't even have to blog  (unless you want to)- Just a website so that you can have a home base for potential Senior Clients and their families to refer to! 

I do not recommend having too many pages for Seniors and their family to scroll through! You can even add your testimonials or references on your About Me page to keep pages to a minimum.

Also, before you do all of this, please make sure that you keep your personal social media presence separate from your business.

There are thousands of Senior Care Services that offer to help Seniors and their family find care.

But there are still issues with Seniors finding adequate care. Elders and members of their family don't have time to weed out and search for their perfect Caregiver.

And when they do, it can be very exhausting for them.

To the ones who have found the perfect Caregiver, that's good! But their are many, many, MANY more private paying Seniors that still need and are looking for top of the line care and assistance.

By having your online presence in addition to your offline presence, and your business cards- as an Independent Professional Caregiver, you can be that top of the line care that they are searching for!


If you are new to Senior Care, why not take a free 6-10 hour Caregiver Diploma Course?

Wondering how much money  you can really make as a self-employed Professional Senior Caregiver? Learn how to make, replace, double, and triple your income!

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