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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm Inspired!


This blog post is a spontaneous one! Only because I can't get this certain organization out of my head!

Have you ever been on someones website and been so drawn into it that you just keep clicking and clicking and clicking,... and then you can't get off of it?

When I'm on Twitter, my goal is not to only promote my blogs and business. I also love and enjoy reading and researching other businesses, Entrepreneurs, and bloggers.

I don't just want to scroll and look at tweets, I will write down specific followers websites, and I am now scheduling a time where I can really read, connect, and network.

There are times when I literally forget about my own promotion, click on a website, and get lost in something that really inspires me.

It's usually something that I already have a connection with, and that adds on to my own journey in life.

As I was scrolling through a new followers following, I came across Laerdal Global Health.

At the end of one of my blogs, I mention that I am planning a trip to Africa... I don't know exactly when or what country I will be going to first, but I am actively planning!

 I'm so excited! Why?... I am obsessed with all things that have to do with Africa, Asia, and India..
 Several years ago, I became very intrigued with Africa after working in the health field with several natives of Kenya, Cameroon, and Nigeria.

There are many misconceptions about Africa! My Nigerian, Kenyan, and friends from Cameroon are scholars, owners of businesses, and Engineers.

They knew more about this country and its government and policies than I did!

What I observed is that when they came here to the US, they immediately went to college, graduated, and held high positions. This was contrary to what others were saying and believing.

They began to teach and show me that all of Africa is not poor, about the differences in government, and also highly encouraged me to finish my own sought after degree.

My biological father graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas A&M with a science and math degree. I call him a walking library, but the things that my friends taught me were far beyond what the school system had taught him!

     I Long to Financially Participate In- And Support A Good Cause!

The thought of being a part of and putting money towards things that will help others in business, training, and that in which will help save lives is definitely what I seek to support.
I don't want to support a cause just to be supporting a cause, it has to really yank at my heart!

In my travels to Africa, I not only want to volunteer and focus on the poorer regions, I would like to travel to the prosperous as well, because that is what we do not see.

And there are many prosperous regions in Africa besides South Africa that we have yet to see!

But when I do decide to focus on countries in certain regions that needs assistance, I would love to support and help a company called  Laerdal Global Health

It is reported that in some regions of low-resource countries, everyday 800 mothers die giving birth, and 8,000 newborn babies die from preventable deaths.

The company's goal is to provide birth attendants with the necessary training, tools, and equipment to prevent death in mothers and their newborn babies.

Laerdal has global partnerships and alliances that have produced and are continuing to produce disruptive and innovative solutions, products, and programs.

Guys, I can't stop thinking about this organization right now, I just can't.....

                              I'm inspired!
I love Leopards by the way, and this picture explains exactly how I am feeling right now!

Ladies, if you have ever given birth and brought a child into this world, and gentlemen, if you have been in the room or even helped while your child was being born, this site will take you back to that time and place.

I'm not talking about a heart wrenching business video, it's more about the cause and it's wonderful Vision:

No One Should Die Or Be Disabled Unnecessarily During Birth .

Visit Laerdal to see the innovative solutions and products that help save the lives of mothers and their newborn babies!

Have a great weekend!

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