Learn How To Make $100/Hr+ As A Patient Advocate! PS: No Experience Required

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As the Senior Care Industry continues to expand, there will be an even greater need for personalized, catered, and private care services!

When you really look into the Senior Care Industry and it's vast opportunities, you will be wondering why you didn't further research and discover this field of work a lot sooner!

                        Patient Advocates

 Don't let the smooth name fool ya! The title "Patient Advocate" doesn't mean that you have to be in the medical field!

 The role of a Patient Advocate is to stand up for patients or clients rights, take action on their concerns or complaints, speak on their behalf, and be a resource to help get issues resolved.

 You will gain more insight and knowledge about this hidden career if you volunteer first.

When you volunteer in your community as an Advocate for Seniors, you will be called a Patient Ombudsman-or Long-term Care Ombudsman (another word for Advocate) and go through an interactive 1 day training before they assign you to a Senior Care Facility.

To become a Long-term Care Ombudsman, Google your state name, and then long-term care Ombudsman program.

After your 1 day training, you will be assigned to a Senior Care Facility according to your address- to ensure that you are close to your assignment.

 According to your state, you may be able to do some online training!

 As a Long-term Care Ombudsman, you will not physically care for a Senior Patient-instead, you will go from room to room with a list of questions, pen, and notepad, making sure that the Senior Residents that are living at your assigned Senior Care facility are receiving quality care.

They truly look forward to this!

You will also write down their complaints and any other issues that they may have and feel as if no one is responding to.

You will be required to go to your assigned Senior Care facility at LEAST once a week on the day and time of your choice.

                How Can This Help You?

1. You will have a binder full of free training information to refer back to that will benefit your new business.

2. You will have maximum exposure to all angles of Senior Care.

3. You will have the opportunity to sit in on some meetings conducted by the Senior Care Administrator in regards to a particular Residents Care, and give your input according to your observations.

As an Advocate, you are also deemed the mediator.

The Long-term Care Ombudsman mission is to advocate for those who can't, support those who can, and make sure that Seniors are treated with dignity and respect.


Using your volunteer experience, you can then begin to set up your own Patient Advocacy Business in which you can choose to continue to advocate for the elderly AND Patients of ALL ages.

You can get paid to go to appointments with your Clients, make sure that they are not being overly medicated, confirm insurance policies and claims, help establish better communication with their Doctors, and enforce Client inquiries that have been ignored.


The expert in the Patient Advocate Business is Trisha Torrey!  She has a website and a a few books that she has written that will tell you exactly how to begin and market your
Patient Advocate Business!

If you have good communication and organizational skills, a passion for helping people; and if you are a good listener and problem solver, this may be the business for you! You can also combine your Advocacy Practice with Professional Senior Caregiving.

They actually make the perfect pair!

 And remember, don't let the smooth name fool ya!

 The title "Patient Advocate" doesn't mean that you have to be in the medical field!)

To find out more about Trisha Torrey and her book entitled, 'So You Want To Be A Patient Advocate?' Click Here. You will also be able to download a free sample!

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