Not Everyone Really Wants To Be Healthy!


"Tiffany, please can you go to the pharmacy to get Aunties breathing treatment, she can't breathe! I can't make it, I'm sick myself!"
Auntie #1

So I rush everyone out of the house to the pharmacy- then to my grandparents house, (my dad's parents) where I find my Aunt sulking on the couch. She quickly grabbed the already assembled asthma pump out of my hand, put it to her mouth, and inhaled about 3-4 times..,

                     -PAUSE, Quick Update,

If you haven't read my blog What Am I Doing On An Island? - Family Caregiving was the initial reason behind our move, but now I only help them during emergencies...

 So after my Aunt inhales through her small asthma pump about 3-4 times, she says," Ahhhh..... thank you!"

I then take a quick glance around my grandparents home as I usually do to make sure everything else was in tack...
I had turned my back on my Aunt for just a few seconds!..

I turned around towards my Aunt again, only to see that the asthma pump that was in her mouth had been replaced with a cigarette! Did I caution her? No..., Did I warn her? No..., Did I get mad? No..., Did I even say a word?....

Nope!... Because during our last trip to the grocery store, she got very upset when I said, "What?, You don't drink water???" ....

"Tiffany, just hand me the 6 pack of soda, No, I don't like water...!"

"But do you realize that's part of the reason why your unable to move as much now? Your joints...

"Yeah,..I know,.. please, I just want my Mountain Dew!...."

The old me in Houston would have protested, but what could I do? This is HER LIFE, not mine.

After replaying that scenario in my head, I kept my feelings all to myself. I gave my Aunt a quick hug, walked out of my Grandparents house, and thought- Tiffany, this is another reminder that people want assistance, but not everyone really wants to be healthy!

While trying to Blog last night, I received a text that she was in the hospital...she couldn't breath again....

I'm still waiting for all of the details on what exactly is wrong, but I don't have to do too much figuring out.
 My First Lesson On Trying To Help Someone Who Didn't Really Want Further Assistance 
In Houston, one of my Clients found out that I was about to go to school to become a Natural Health Practitioner. As I was getting ready to leave her home, she grabs a very thick book from off of her book shelf and hands it over to me- "I wanna give this to you"...

I said, "omg, you never told me that you studied natural health!" I looked up at her tall book shelf, and to my surprise, I see even more natural health books!

Now the funny thing about this is that I used to suggest some simple remedies, and even found a Natural Doctor for her-as she had been to several Oncologists who all said that their was nothing else that they could do for her illnesses.

And here she is with the whole encyclopedia of Natural Medicine!

My visits with her were filled mostly with complaints and dissatisfaction with her health care, but when a different approach was suggested, she would always dismiss it.

When I would come with a positive outlook, she would meet me right back with a doubt or a negative.

   Sometimes you want someone to get better more than they want it for themselves!....This had to stop for me..

And it did-when I got here and realized again, not everyone wants to truly be healthy...or even helped!

So I made it my motto that I was only going to help those who truly want help, and have stuck to it!

As a Health Care Provider, watching someone self-destruct used to be very hard for me-All we can do is advise, and then after that, it's up to them.

Everyone has the right to choose for themselves whether or not they want to live a healthier life-and we have to respect other people's life choices.

We can say all that we want to about healthy practices-but ultimately, it's their decision and their life-even if they are living a lifestyle that is literally killing them.

 Have you ever tried to help someone who really didn't want to be helped?

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