In My Family, The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Began Right Here In Nueces Bay!

I'm Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay!
The Universe has brought me right back to my birthplace-the islands where ownership and self-employment began for both of my grandparents on my mother's side of the family.

 My grandmother and grandfather began having children when she was just 14 and he was 17. (They have 5 children together)

While she was in her early twenties, it was here on the docks of Downtown Marina in Nueces Bay, where she met and fell in love with her second husband.

On the docks- by the port, is where the Sea Merchants sell their freshly caught seafood.

 When I was younger and questioned how my grandmother and her second husband met, I thought a Sea Merchant was some type of fancy dancy business name! (Ha!)

My grandmother and her second husband Mr.G who was from the Virgin Islands quickly went away to California together, married, bought a house, and she soon bought, owned, and operated a beauty salon in San Pablo, California.

Jean's Beauty Salon

I was fascinated at my grandmother's salon, and also very curious. Too curious!

I would always get in trouble for running in the shop, spinning in chairs, and pressing all of the silver pedals at the bottom of the salon chairs with my foot so that I could glide up and down!

She had a plush entry to the salon with a long couch, end and coffee tables with nice lamps, and a mounted television in the corner wall where I would watch her Clients read magazines, socialize, and wait for my grandmother to do their hair.

I also remember a wide reception area where I would stand and pretend to be the receptionist. I wanted to be a part of the business and hold some type of position at my grandmother's beauty salon so bad!

 I begged to answer the phones! (I was about 7 years old.)

She finally broke down and told me what to say.."Jean's Beauty Salon, how may I help you?"......Each time the phone would ring, I would answer in the same way-feeling like a big shot, glancing over at my grandmother who would shake her head and smile!

 While she was busy with customers, indulging in long conversations, I then would sneak off into the forbidden area hidden in the back of her salon behind a dark curtain...

(Even though it had a big sign on the side of the wall that said KEEP OUT!)

 It was forbidden because that was where all of the salon merchandise was kept; Large containers of hair chemicals, shampoo, conditioners, and stacks of opened and unopened boxes full of hair products. 

"Tee, you know your not suppose to be in here!" My Aunt would always catch me and quickly push me out of the long storage room before my grandmother found out!

At times, I would be at the shop with my grandmother from the time that she opened in the morning, until she would flip the 'Were Closed' sign hanging on the glass door, lock up, and help sweep and clean in the late evening.

If you don't know the past, how can you fully understand your present..or your presence?

I always use to wonder why I feel such a strong connection with the Elderly. I believe that I received a lot of 3rd and 4th generation DNA.

 I am finding a lot of similarities between myself and my 3rd and 4th generations work ethics, and habits.
When it comes to owning businesses, I am nothing like my parents, for neither one of them were ever self-employed!

As my family history here continues to unfold, I am discovering that I am not only following right in the business footsteps of my grandparents, but I am also following in the footsteps of my great, and great great grandparents as well!

Keeping The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship Alive In Our Family

From my youngest son, to my oldest daughter-I feel that I have a great responsibility to keep the spirit of Entrepreneurship and Self-employment alive in our family!

What type of legacy would you like to leave for your children, and your future grandchildren? 

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