How Do You Define Longevity?

                       Photography by Scott Wade

  Mr. Richard Overton is a 109 year old WW2 vet who still lives in the 1945 home that he BUILT... yes, Built himself in Austin, Texas!

 With his laid back, content, and humble personality, he moves about his day to day activities, often driving around with his younger 91 year old lady friend, Ms.Love!

Mr.Overton's Everyday Menu:

1. 4 cups of coffee in the morning

2. Whiskey

3. Milk

4. Fish

5. Soup

6. Corn

7. Butter Pecan Ice-Cream (at night)

  And 12 cigars a day-but he doesn't inhale!

 Meet Mr. Richard Overton in this 12 minute short film, and get some tips on how to live longer and healthier!

"I've seen lots and lots of living, but I'm still living good-ain't suffered nothin', I gets what I want, and still livin' alright."  Richard Overton


To find out about the filmmakers Rocky Conly, Matt Cooper, and John Halecky- Visit

How do you define longevity? 

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