I Left 10,000 on the Table! Loyal?... Or Foolish?


Awww loyalty..., there is so much that you can gain from it. But am I too loyal? Is there even such a thing as being too loyal?

How far would you go to get ahead in life, to make more money, to launch a new business, or to gain a new Client?

Would you go behind someones back and spy on them in order to gain insight into what they are doing so that you can steal their Clients? If so, is it really worth it?

I guess some would say it depends on the circumstance, or the type of work or business that you do....

                 "The Perfect Business Plan"

  While working at an agency several years ago, before I started my small care services, I was approached by another Senior Caregiver with a "wonderful" idea!
Hey, I was thinking that we can take Mr. and Mrs. Smith (fake names) from the Senior Care Agency!

We can get paid more and get.........

They had it all figured out to the "T". Sounds good! But I had never had a private paying Client before, and I was very skeptical.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking-"What if I need to apply for another agency and they have a big fat "Tiffany steals clients" sign attached to my file or something!

What if it ruins my reputation?
What if we get arrested?...
(She did say "take" which was another word for steal!)

"Think about it and let us know. We would need to find one more person."

I responded to them with a very faint, "okayy"...

                             My Big Fat No!

Later that evening, they came to me again- very excited, asking if I had made up my mind yet.

They went over the "benefits" with me, and I just nodded my head as if I understood. I said, "No, I don't think so, it wouldn't be right."

Now, if they would have said that they were no longer with the agency, and the family now wants to hire us, then maybe yes....

If the agency was doing some type of illegal things, or being abusive, then maybe yes...

(Actually, this was a legal agreement with some ins and outs of contracts, paper work, and money.)

I didn't want any part of it because I'm a firm believer in Karma, and I felt like I didn't need to take or steal Clients.

I can get "my own" Clients if I wanted!

Eventually, I left the agency to go work for another one.

                           $10,000... Gone!

I used to look back at that situation and think....Nooo! I should have stayed! I missed out! How could I be so dumb! $10,000- Really Tiffany!

That agency didn't care about who they were sending to their Clients anyways...I should have done it...

A few years later, I talked to one of the Caregivers, and they were so disappointed in themselves...But not because they had taken the Client, that was justified...

After the lump sum was given, they told me that they couldn't tell me how fast it went in such a short amount of time...

You don't have any of it left?

Was it worth it?

Surely, I would have been wiser to have saved if I had participated in the deal...But would I have?...

                                 Was I Being 

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