Josephine Baker- My International Women's Day Tribute

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Josephine Baker became someone who I began to look up to later in life because of my strict religious upbringing...

She was known for her over the top provocative banana skirt shows in the 1920's, which only displayed a taste of African dance and culture.

                       Paris Adored Her!

Josephine Baker was a singer, entertainer, and Civil Rights Activist who was born on April 3, 1906 in St. Louis Missouri, where racial tension was at an all time high in the US.

When presented with an opportunity to dance in Paris, she snatched it-even when it was strongly against her mother's wishes.

She was immediately welcomed, embraced, and respected in Paris-and was in awe at the differences between the two nations. (Europe and America)

Josephine had freedom in Paris like never before, and was one of the first richest African American female entertainers.

It is said that she spent her wealth on jewelry, clothes, and pets- including a leopard named Chiquita! (Michael Jackson was not the first artist to keep exotic pets!)
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She became a true Parisian, fluent in French, and a European sensation!

                            Back to the US

She wanted so badly for the US to accept her like Paris....  She was not accepted even by other African Americans in the states.

Her strong desire was for American Caucasians and African Americans to unite.

Josephine began to stand up for racial equality and injustices in the United States, perform at military events-refusing to perform for segregated audiences, and even became a spy serving France in World War 2.

In the US, she was wrestling internally because of racial tension, but in Paris, all was well.

Every time I watch the movie, I always talk to the TV screen and say,

"Josephine, why didn't you just stay in Paris and have a peaceful life where you were accepted?"

 It seemed as though she got severely depressed going back and forth to the US. The racial tensions there seemed to take over her life and career...But when in Paris, all was well!


                Falling In Love With Paris

 After watching the movie, I fell in love with Josephine Baker. She was a very beautiful woman, and unashamed!

Everyone raves about Paris! It's no secret that it is highly sought after and coveted!

But what really makes me fall in love with Paris, is 'The Josephine Baker Story.'

You have got to watch this movie! The music, the drama, the performances, the history, and all of the scenes that was shot in Paris, will engulf you!

 So go pop some popcorn, grab a soda, and watch the movie HERE! (The movie won 5 Emmys and a Golden Globe Award in 1991.)


For International Women's Day, Josephine Baker is who I think of.

She was so much more than her provocative performances!

Josephine Baker was a classy woman with a beautiful soul, who was also very humorous. She had an enormous amount of contagious positive energy, and helped in the fight against racial equality in the US.

 After World War 2, Josephine was awarded the Croix de guerre by the French military- which is a bravery award.

Josephine Baker was also named a Chevalier of the Le'gion d' honneur by General Charles de Gaulle. This was the highest French order for military and civil merits!
To read more about Josephine Bakers extraordinary contributions and life, go to and Wiki.

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Would you keep going back to a place where you are not welcomed to stand up for your rights?

Have you ever been to Paris, or do you live in Paris? If so, what do you like the most about it?


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