Senior Care- The Perfect Business For All! Part 2-SINGLE


In this blog, I am going to show you 3 ways in which the business of Senior Care is perfect for all of you singles!

The advantages of being single while trying to start any business has it's perks.....MANY PERKS...!

(Take it from me with 5 children!)

I mention in my previous blog, that the Senior Care Industry is unique because it never closes, and the community needs a lot of help- 24/7.

Whether you already have a job, career, in school, or traveling, you will easily be able to adjust to having your own Senior Care service!

Plus, if you are planning to have a family in the future, you will be more than prepared to do so.

Your Senior Care business will quickly provide you with other life's essentials that you may want-ownership of house, car, property, and opportunity to leisurely travel.

I say quickly because the demand and need is on the rise... Check out How to become a Professional Senior Carepreneur

3 Reasons Why Senior Care Is The Perfect Business For Singles:

This is where it gets pretty fun for singles!

1. With no one to have to come home to, or take care of, you can set your care service up ANY WAY YOU WANT!

This means that your income potential will be unlimited!

Read my blog, Can a Professional Senior Caregiver make 6 figures?

Morning, mid-morning, afternoon, evening, late night, and midnight -if you are a night owl!

When you are single, it will be easier for you to assist a Client while temporarily living with them.

You can also do business on the weekends only, and have the whole week free to do whatever you want, while everyone else is working!

Or, if you are a workaholic like me, you can choose to assist a couple more Clients who need very little assistance- (ie: 2 clients for an hour or two, 2-3 times a week)

NOTE: I turned down a private paying live-in assignment, even though my Clients had plenty of room for my children.

I will tell you how this could actually benefit you, and how it was very beneficial to their friends Professional Caregiver and her child, in my upcoming blog-Single With Children.

2. You can respond to sudden spur of the moment assistance in another country, city, or state!

 Being single allows you to go anywhere, at anytime, at the drop of a dime!

In this business, because of the high demand, urgency of assistance is quite common.

You will be getting paid upfront- and/or compensated for if you have a Client that needs help outside of your area!

This would sort of be like an Au Pair, but the pay is much higher.

(More on this in my Senior Care business for travelers post!)

You can also have a couple of Clients lined up who only need assistance on demand.

 This means that they will only call you when they need help.

3. You can easily offer all of the services that the Senior community wants and needs

When you are single, you can make yourself available by offering a variety of care services all at one time- even when it's only you!

. Pet care
. Shopping
. Companionship (even virtually or over the phone)

  Read Here and Here for more services to offer!

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