How To Accept Low Income Senior Clients While Operating a Small Private Paying Care Service


One day, I came across a gentleman who wanted to pay me way less than what I charge for my care services.

We negotiated a bit over the phone, and I agreed to meet him for further assessment.

Did I accept him as a Client? Yep! Why? Because after I assessed him, I seen some very big advantages for me!

The advantages that I took into consideration were:

The apartments where he resided were exclusively for independent persons of disability. The environment was open and welcomed private care. ...And since the environment was open for private care, I would have easy access to more Clients!

He needed someone my pay would be consistent.

He wanted to sale me his vehicle, which was geared for the Disabled! I could buy his wheelchair accessible van, and use it to pick up more Senior Clients who only needed to be transported to Doctor appointments.

 . The care services that he needed were easy, and he was very low maintenance.

How To Accept Low Income Senior Clients While Operating A Small Private Paying Care Service

1. Mix the low with the high!

I mention in another blog post that I received the lowest fees with my second and third Clients.

These two Clients didn't need that many hours or days, but the wonderful thing about them, is that they continually referred me to higher paying Clients!

They were both fairly active, always out and about in the Senior and Disabled community, and had more access to the type of people that I didn't mind assisting.

They were the ones who really built my business!

 ( I was just so happy to have Senior Clients paying me directly! Money was not my first motivation. Independence from working for someone else, and flexibility were my two top priorities.)

When you decide to mix low and high paying Clients together, you will need to ask yourself exactly how low you can comfortably go down on your fees to accommodate a low income Senior.

As long as you are not jeopardizing your own salary requirements for yourself, you should be free to mix low and high income Clients together in your small care service.

2. Negotiate and Barter

Before you say or think, "$15/hour!" I don't go below $30",...go and see how it may work for you and your business.

If you and your potential Client really click, and they have not been able to find anyone else to help, while you are negotiating with them, you can boldly ask, "How much money can you comfortably afford to pay me a week or month for care services? "

From that one question alone, they will start explaining their situation. If you listen closely, you will be able to determine what else you can gain from agreeing to assist them.

It's great when you can offer services to Seniors of all income levels. Diversifying your Clients will set your small private paying care services apart.

Being open and willing to talk with and assist Elder, Senior, and Disabled Clients of all income levels, can also open up doors for more business opportunities.

When you look at some other advantages besides your pay, agreeing to care for a low income Senior Client who you are compatible with, can be a win win after all!

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