Celebrating My Grandfather's 85th Birthday!


I have been in San Antonio, Texas visiting with relatives, and celebrating my mom and my grandfather's birthday!

I almost didn't go!... Here we go again!!

If you go, you won't be able to.......You have a deadline to get this and that done..blah blah blah!..

The same things that I used to always tell myself in Houston, every time an event would take place with my family, started to creep back up again.

Always finding a "business excuse as to why I shouldn't go somewhere!" 

If you haven't read about my workaholic syndrome, check out What am I doing on an island??  and Don't wait until something happens, take a break now! 

So I went! And I am so glad that I did!

 I think I would have been kickin' myself in the butt forever, if I would have missed out on this!

 Many relatives came from out of state to celebrate my Papa's 85th birthday!

 It was like having all of the family reunions and birthdays that I had missed out on in the past, wrapped up in one week!

                      Happy Birthday Papa!
My mom's husband sketched this. He has some serious talent!

   My Papa is known to be very stern, but has always had a great sense of humor.
He is a man that many respect and look up to because of his disciplined lifestyle.

 He was living on his own, until about 2 years ago!
                                  Quick History

When my grandmother left Nueces Bay for California, my grandfather took care of their 5 children, until she later sent for them to come live with her- He even became an expert at combing all 3 of his daughters hair!

 At the age of 8, I flew all by myself from California to San Antonio, Texas! It was then that my grandfather and I grew close.

When I first moved to Texas from California, I lived in San Antonio for about a year before moving to Houston, and used to visit him almost everyday.

He is the one who I am getting most of my family history from..his dad (my great grandfather) whom was an entrepreneur here in Nueces Bay, was Spanish...More info here

(My Papa and my aunts told me that when  my great grandfather became ill, he reverted back to speaking in Spanish ONLY....)  

                      My Grandfather's Party
 I was so excited to see my family, that I didn't even eat!

 My mom, aunts, and uncles did different skits- there was singing, dancing, and good music!

I went around the whole room taking selfies with everyone there!
                       My Mom's Birthday
        Mi madre and mi abuelo

My mom's birthday was 3 days later, and we went to one of the children's museums in downtown San Antonio.

 Funny how we did things that the kids enjoyed on her birthday!  

We got to the
 lobby area of The Witte Museum, only to find out that my brother and his family were down the street at The DoSeum! 

The DoSeum allows infants and children to explore, collaborate, and build through over 6 hands on learning galleries.

My son, my mom, and her husband

Have you ever visited the Witte or DoSeum in San Antonio, Texas?

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