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Hi guys! I have been busy preparing for my consultation services, and my new YouTube channel EC1 TV!

 Every Wednesday and Sunday, I will be teaching you how to become a Senior Caregiver Entrepreneur!
                   I'm excited!..And ready!

EC1 TV will be based on my blogs, but I will give you a more in depth understanding and teaching of the business.

I also will be sharing behind the scenes footage and videos of Nueces Bay. If you haven't heard of Nueces Bay, it's an island in South Texas surrounded by many other islands on the Gulf of Mexico!

My Audience

I will be gearing my blogs, teachings, and consultation services specifically around all 4 of my audiences.

And who might they be?

1. College, Career, and business driven High-Schoolers, Millennial Bloggers & Travelers.

2. New and experienced Nurses, Nursing Assistants, and Professional Senior Caregivers.

3. New and established private Homehealth Agencies, and Senior Care Facilities.

4. Those who are entirely new to Senior Care, but interested in starting a mini side-hustle/ full-time business.

Since my last blog, I have been out of town TWICE!

(I am officially off of my "sabbatical bliss!")

It's now time to roll up my sleeves, and really get involved on other social media platforms.

While transitioning, I have purposely stayed away from Facebook and Instagram. This is because..well..I wasn't ready.

I was in sabbatical mode, and knew that I would have to be consistent, and active online.

I still wasn't ready to be that active yet! ...But now I know that it is time to really spread my business around.

By the way, it is not uncommon for health professionals and non-medical Professional Caregivers to NOT be online.

This field is one of the last industries to tap into the power of social media and technology- many of our Clients are not even online!        

            But this is changing at a fast pace! 

(Behind the scenes)

   I would like to say thank you to all who like and follow me on Twitter, Google+, BLOGLOVIN', Pinterest, and now Instagram! 

My son reaching for a seashell, but didn't know a crab was in it!

..........Oh yes, I am now on Instagram! Check it out, and follow behind the scenes footage, pictures, and videos of Nueces Bay!.. 

Quarterly Business Reviews

As in a traditional business, I still perform quarterly reviews where I assess myself, my business, my progress, my thoughts, and my goals.

I already do this every week, but when I do it quarterly, it's usually about me taking big leaps or jumps.

This always rejuvenates me! I just did one in April, and then began making some shifts and changes in May.

The first one that I announced on my blog, was on December 30th. ( I have been on social media for a year now, but prior to December, I was only blogging once a month.)

I have started and accomplished 5 out of 9 of these goals so far. (I changed my blogging days in March.)

 So, enough of me rambling. Until the next blog, cheers!  

Don't forget, my first video presentation on how to become a Senior Caregiver Entrepreneur begins Sunday! Subscribe to my new YouTube channel EC1 TV for new videos every Wednesday and Sunday!


My consultation services are now available!

           Welcome To Extraordinary Care1

My name is Tiffany Tene' Armstead, and I am the owner, founder, and CEO of Extraordinary Care1-a small, independent, private paying Care Service for Elders, Seniors, and the Disabled.

Whether you are new to Senior Care, or experienced, my goal is for you to have everything that you need, to begin your own mini Senior Care Service, right here on my website-with just a CLICK of a button!

Join me on the island of Nueces Bay, as I continue to reinnovate, and transition my offline business, to be 100% online and virtual.

 Feel free to Contact Me or chat with us right here on the website.                             


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