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Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to Naturally Attract Senior Clients


Yesterday, while strolling down the main isle of the grocery store, an excited and frisky little dog on a leash pulling it's master turned the corner.

I later seen the doggies master in the spice isle. As I was grabbing a pack of noodles, she turned to me and began to tell me about a recipe that I can use with the noodles.

"Oh, like a casserole," I said.
"You got it"... She went on to say,

"I add onions, green and red peppers..., Do you like olives? You should get a jar-Here's some right here..My grandchildren love it!"

Each time she took two steps forward to walk away from the conversation, she turned around to give me another ingredient to add into the casserole dish.