How to Naturally Attract Senior Clients


Yesterday, while strolling down the main isle of the grocery store, an excited and frisky little dog on a leash pulling it's master turned the corner.

I later seen the doggies master in the spice isle. As I was grabbing a pack of noodles, she turned to me and began to tell me about a recipe that I can use with the noodles.

"Oh, like a casserole," I said.
"You got it"... She went on to say,

"I add onions, green and red peppers..., Do you like olives? You should get a jar-Here's some right here..My grandchildren love it!"

Each time she took two steps forward to walk away from the conversation, she turned around to give me another ingredient to add into the casserole dish.

She was getting more and more excited after each added ingredient, as if she couldn't wait to start making it herself! "MUAHHH"....(muahhh is what she said at the end of our conversation!)
This happens to me I would say 95 percent of the time that I go shopping! (So much that I wish I could film live so that you can see and hear!)

 I was in Walmart, and noticed an elderly gentleman who was maneuvering around in an electric wheelchair.

 While in the produce section, I took notice of a woman who looked to be in her 60's pushing a handicapped young man who was also in a wheelchair.

At first, I didn't know that the elderly man was with her. Then I heard her turn around and say dad. ..I smiled at him-he didn't smile back!

The lady and I smiled at each other, and I said hello. She then tells me I have an admirer- the younger gentleman in the wheelchair that she was pushing- who was her son. I then began a conversation with him by asking his name.

I watched the middle aged woman work her way through the produce section to help her father with his groceries, help her son put bananas in a plastic bag, and then gather some vegetables to place in her own grocery cart.

In all of this, I find out that she was caring for both her father and her son. She said it proudly! I said Wow! And told her about what I do.

She then proceeded to explain to me that her father was at an assisted living facility, and she gets paid by a private agency to take care of her son because she was not sole guardian...

After saying that, she smiled really wide!

Assisted living?...private agency?...taking care of son?..... That's 3 different networking opportunities!

These frequent run-ins that I have with Elders and Seniors led me to think about my blog 8 Key Places To Find Private Pay Clients, and tell you about some of my experiences in meeting complete strangers while out and about.

Complete strangers can be turned into Clients and long lasting relationships!

There's a reason why someone just starts up a conversation with you out of the blue, and you both actually enjoy it!

You find out a lot about a person and their family through "small talk".

   How to Naturally Attract Senior Clients

1. Smile and acknowledge

Every time I see an Elder or Senior at the market, I always smile and acknowledge them. Later on when I see them again in the store, they might ask my opinion on something, or comment about an item in my basket, or just talk to me about something random.

Smiling and acknowledging gives off a warm and friendly aura. It says I am interested in you, and to some, may mean he or she is approachable and really cares.

When an Elder or Senior is talking to me in the store, at times, I just smile and nod. They seem to appreciate that.

2. Listen

While out running errands, there are so many people who are in a hurry and don't have time for chit chat. I'm learning to be less rushy rushy, and take time to listen to those who start up conversations with me in the store, or while walking on the beach.

Many Elders love to talk, and are searching for meaningful relationships. If you listen carefully, you will be able to find out how you can be of assistance to them.

They may say, "I was trying to get my son to help me with..."    "My daughter and I used to do this all the time"...

Sometimes, I don't even say a word!..Then they will begin to ask me about my personal life or family.

3. Offer to help

My first Client Ms.Hudson used to always tell me that too many Elders and Seniors are going to places alone, and need more assistance at Doctor appointments.

 Just because they are alone, doesn't mean that they want or need help, but the only way you will know is if you carefully observe and engage in conversation with them.

Have you ever noticed an Elder or Senior struggling to put their groceries in the shopping cart?

Ever notice an Elder struggling to reach for an item in the store?

The big one I see a lot in which I have mentioned before, is noticing Seniors or Elders who can't seem to find their car in the grocery store parking lot.

When you offer help, you should always ask them if it's okay.

If you offer your services after randomly helping them, make sure you include, Do you or someone that you may know need any personal assistance..because they may not want to acknowledge that they need assistance, or they may know of someone who does.

4. Accept their offers

We noticed that an elderly neighbor needed help moving. She began talking to us about her husband who just took ill. She told us that another neighbor had offered to assist them.

She then turned to us and said, "Would you go out to have a cup of coffee with me?" I said, "I will!"...

"Well", she says, "I just couldn't get the neighbor who wanted to help us to go out and have a cup of coffee with me."

She was clearly trying to get to know people before allowing them to come in and assist her and her husband.

We helped her move, talked until it was almost dark, and considered her as a potential Client!

By staying alert and observant to Seniors whenever you go out, smiling and acknowledging them, listening and offering help if needed, and kindly accepting their offers so that they can get to know you better, you can be sure to attract many Elder and Senior Clients who would love to receive your personal care services.

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