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Friday, January 20, 2017

I Never Got Sick And Tired Of Assisting "Old People"! 4 Powerful Methods I Used


Literally! I never got sick and tired of my Clients, and I never had a sick day! I was running off of adrenaline, passion, and excitement- times ten!

Oh yes, and coffee!

Ever since I allowed my very first Senior Client Ms. Hudson to convince me to meet up with a potential client while I was 8 months pregnant, I took every piece of her advice, (except for my business name in which she thinks is too long) ran with it, and refused to let anything get in my way of servicing current and future clients.

But I couldn't just continue to assist on passion and emotional drive alone, if I wanted to provide excellent customer service everyday, and if I wanted to persevere through the unexpected, I had to do more...