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I enjoy developing genuine one on one relationships just like I did with my Senior/ Disabled Clients!

1. I will help you begin your non-medical care service for up to 10 Elder, Senior, and Disabled Clients in your specific area and location.

2. Help you find and keep private paying Clients.

 3. Provide exceptional, professional, above and beyond care to the Senior and/ or Disabled community.

Would you like to be in control of how much you make and how long you work?

Would you like to get paid like a Licensed or Registered medical professional without performing any medical care? CAN A PROFESSIONAL SENIOR CAREGIVER MAKE A 6 FIGURE INCOME?

Would you like to learn how to display above and beyond service to the Senior community where no one else but you will do? HOW DO YOU GO ABOVE AND BEYOND?

Having a business mindset to obtain and keep your own Client or Clients as a Professional Caregiver for Seniors and the Disabled is key!

Two major things Extraordinary Care1 takes great pride in is gaining and keeping Clients, and Client Referrals. THE BEAUTY OF CLIENT REFERRALS

My small Professional Caregiving service for Seniors and the Disabled thrived from my Clients referring me unexpectedly without me even asking them to! 

I never had to do any marketing! My Senior and Disabled Clients brought others who needed assistance to me! BECOMING MY OWN BOSS

   Based on over 10 years of experience in             Senior Care, I will teach you everything I know   about what the Elder, Senior, and Disabled  Community is really searching for in a Private  Professional Senior Caregiver!

EC1 Senior Care Entrepreneurship Consulting is for those who are totally new to Senior Care and want to take advantage of this win-win business boom, and for new and experienced Professional Senior Caregivers, Nurses, and Nursing Assistants who would like to learn how to turn their career into a business.

Extraordinary Care1 provides affordable, high quality consultations that meets you and your budget wherever you are!

    Standard Career Consulting- $49.99                               (1 Hour)

  •  Help you discover and enhance your natural skills and gifts which we will use to determine the type of Senior care service or services that best suit you
  • Walk you through the details of every single step that you personally need to take to begin Professional Senior Caregiving Entrepreneurship (Every one's detailed walk through will be different because each consultation is personalized and tailored.)
  • Help get you into a business frame of mind, and teach you how to conduct yourself and your small care service as if you are a major corporation- even if it's only you and an assistant or two
  • Provide you with 3 free 45 minute follow-up Consultations                                      


Premium Business Consulting-$99.95                            (1 1/2 Hours) 

In addition to the above services, Extraordinary Care1 will-

  •  Do all of the research and demographics in your particular area to make sure that you get your first private paying Client
  •  I will talk to case workers, hospital staff, Doctors, and your local Senior Care living facilities on your behalf
  • Provide you with 6 free 30 minute follow-up consultations
  • Help you set up your tax information and find insurance

Extraordinary Care1 Deluxe-$199.95

( 1 Hour/day for 1 full month)

Extraordinary Care1 Deluxe is based on resources that I have developed for small expansion.

With large Senior and Disabled Care Services, it's very difficult to properly monitor and keep up with everything and everyone! 

 As Sole-Proprietor, (1 owner) of a private mini independent Senior Care Service, you have the advantage of not having to fill out oodles and oodles of paperwork, insurance or medicare forms.

You will know exactly what is going on in your business, and you will be able to give each and every Client something extra special because you will be providing one on one assistance to only a few Seniors.

Extraordinary Care1 Deluxe is geared towards those who do not want to go out and provide Direct Care, but instead-monitor, facilitate, and coordinate from home or virtual office.

  •  We will combine Standard and Premium consultation services
  • I will teach you how to get and keep just 3 Senior Clients who will pay you out of pocket, 3 Professional Senior Caregivers, and 3 back up Senior Caregivers 
  • I will teach you how to conduct your mini Senior Care business, properly and thoroughly interview your assistant or partner, and how to effectively monitor your assistant while they are with your Client
  • I will help you set up your virtual office where you will book meetings, interviews, and assessments
  • I will show you how and where to advertise and place your free ads for your Senior/Disabled Care business
  • I am going to use all of the resources that benefited me in my small business, plus tell you about some highly coveted Senior Care amenities that very few people know about-these amenities are considered very very sacred
  • I will help you set up your private Assisted and Independent Senior Care service at and from home using Senior Care monitoring technology 

You can choose to receive your virtual consultation via e-mail, Private Conference Call, Skype, Facebook Video, or Google Hangouts.

* Couples, you can get your consultation service price by paying for only one person!

 CONTACT ME with any questions that you may have.

In our virtual chat, we will briefly get to know each other and determine if this is the right business for you!

If I have the pleasure of consulting you, together we will start your Senior or Disabled Care service from your home, and find the perfect Clients for you!

It only takes 1 Senior or Disabled Client to start making the money you want and deserve!      

*Must set up a free VIRTUAL CHAT before your initial consultation by e-mail or phone.

    Virtual Destination Consultations

Book your Virtual Destination Consultation With Me on the Island of Nueces Bay!

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi Texas, which is Spanish for the body of Christ, and also better known as the Sparkling City by the sea, has over 9 beaches, and is surrounded by 5 islands. Padre Island, South Padre Island, Mustang Island, Laguna Madre, and Brazos Island. 


Choose from 3 different locations in the Downtown Marina area of Nueces Bay, Texas!

We will meet here virtually on the Island via Skype, Facebook Video, or Google Hangouts, and upon your departure, you will be ready for your new mini Senior Care business!

                   The Water Garden 

Enjoy the serenity and sound of beautiful waterfalls as we discuss your new mini Senior Care Service business plans!

In the garden, you will see Islanders casually walking around, taking a dip in the water, playing or laying in the middle of the garden, or people watching on the benches while admiring the beauty of the waterfalls.

                            TOUR BOAT

This is Japonica! A 50 foot open aired touring boat docked at Harrison's Landing. Harrison's Landing is a local family owned restaurant here in Nueces Bay. 

The restaurant features a floating Tiki bar, party boats and sailing, sunset and full moon tours, dolphin watching, and a gift shop.

 Come and ride or lounge with me on the tour boat where your journey to self-employment will begin! Here, we will celebrate and embrace the spirit of self-employment, and entrepreneurship!                                

                          MCGEE BEACH

Being at the beach is healing. By the ocean waters, your mind is sure to be at peace, and clear for fresh and new ideas.

Relax with me by the soothing beach waters as I help you start your new Senior Care business!

Choose your virtual consultation with me today!

Please Note: Destination locations are subject to change.

                 See you on the island!

Don't forget to CONTACT ME for a free 15-30 minute virtual chat before you book.

Extraordinary Care1 accepts payments via PayPal: It's faster, safer, easier, and more secure. 

Option 1- Standard Consulting-$49.95

Option 2- Premium Consulting-$99.95

Option 3- Extraordinary Deluxe-$199.95

Under Choose Your Destination, input how you would like to receive your consultation:
-Email-Private Conference Call-Skype-Google Hangouts-Google Duo-Private Facebook Video -Island Destination 1, 2, or 3

Choose Your Destination



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