What Makes Us Different


1. Extraordinary Care1 teaches the business side of Professional Caregiving to inexperienced and experienced Professional Caregivers, to newcomers-and to those who may be looking to get into the Senior or Disabled Care Industry.

2. There is no middle-man, no waiting 1-2 weeks or even a couple days for you to receive payments for your services. As Professional Senior Caregiver Entrepreneurs, no one else handles your money or hours but you, your Client, or a member of their family. Payment goes directly into your hands!

3. Extraordinary Care1 is geared towards Millennials because we strongly believe in preparing the next generation for the future!

4. Extraordinary Care1 helps you make 6 figures as Sole-Proprietor, (one owner) with the understanding that you may just want to replace your income, need flexibility, or have a side hustle.

5. Extraordinary Care1 strongly believes in good character, a professional attitude, and dressing for success, whether providing hands-on or hands off assistance and care services to Seniors and People with Disabilities.

6. With Extraordinary Care1 you will be fully investing in a business that you can call your own-You will have your own business name!

7. Extraordinary Care1 provides you with free business information on our site, as well as affordable and flexible consultation prices. You will definitely get more in return than what you pay for- which is the definition of a true investment!

8. Extraordinary Care1 makes starting your mini Senior and/or Disabled care service fun, quick, and easy! We will provide you with all of the tools and links that you need to begin your business right here on our website with just a click of a button!

9. Extraordinary Care1 caters to the Professional Senior Caregiver Entrepreneur so that you can provide above and beyond virtual, digital, and hands on care-Thus, creating a stable and trustworthy relationship with your Senior or Disabled Client/s and their family.

10. Extraordinary Care1 not only helps you set up your small care service, but will find high paying Clients for sole-proprietors.

11. Extraordinary Care1 believes that in order to go above and beyond, Senior Clients will always need one on one assistance in an unrushed manner, and our undivided attention. As owners of such a sensitive and delicate service, it's very important that you always know exactly what's going on with every single one of your Clients. Therefore, EC1 helps you begin an INDEPENDENT MINI SENIOR CARE SERVICE with no more than 10 Senior Clients.

12. Extraordinary Care1 believes that Senior Care is 80% personality, and 20% skill.


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