15 Lifesaving Questions That You Will Always Have The Answers To With Virtual Senior Care Monitoring

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*This blog has been revised and republished due to home8's website updates. Their Elder Care products are now under the name home8care.

I seen it coming..., but they couldn't see it.., I felt it.., but they couldn't feel it.. And then suddenly..., there was the big fall that put one of my Independent Clients in Assisted Living...

Though she had no former major health issues, she never recovered from that fall....

I began to notice that every time I got ready to leave, she started up new conversations with me. I sensed her loneliness, and the need to converse after the recent death of her husband.

All I could do was suggest, for I didn't want to over step my boundaries. "Mom is fine by herself, she doesn't need no more than a few hours a week...That same week after I left, she fell..

Another Client I assisted was brought from out of state to be closer to her adult children. She was living by herself for a couple of years after her husband passed away. They said that she seemed to sound okay over the phone, and thought that their mother was doing well.

With several adult children living out of town, and busy with their careers, no one was able to actually see her grieving process. No one was able to see that she was slowly declining-neither were they able to detect the signs of dementia.

She was never the same..Her Dementia turned into Alzheimer's, most times she was highly agitated, and didn't even recognize her own children... She was never the same...

I am thankful and excited about all of the new technology-apps, and iPads geared for Seniors, but there are certain individuals who are unable to operate these gadgets.

What about the sudden onset of Dementia? Or pain so excruciating that they cannot even talk or move?

Falls occur at Senior Living Facilities even with full-time staff walking up and down the halls 24/7.., If one doesn't have a personal private assistant, they are even more susceptible to a possible fall.

When I was employed at a facility, I went into a Patients room to check in on her before dinner. She told me that she was in the middle of trying to get from the rocking chair to her recliner, and lost her balance-She was barely holding on to one of her end tables when I entered.

She said, "Oh you are right on time my little angel, can you help me, I'm stuck?" When I came to work the next day, she was gone..never to return to the facility again, she had fell...

A couple of weeks later, we see a note by the time clock.., she had died...

There are many Elders and people with Disabilities, who fall numerous times in the same day, week, or month.

Sometimes, changes are charted and reported, but not taken seriously until something big happens.

Without any previous major health conditions, just one fall can be deadly. Most of the time, when an Elderly person falls, everything else that was functional becomes dysfunctional.

How can we make ourselves more available to carefully and adequately monitor Seniors, Elderly, and The Disabled that really need us?

If they can be virtually monitored, we can possibly prevent falls, and even detect exactly when, where, why, and how these falls are occurring.             

The majority of the Senior and the Disabled Community desire to stay in their own home as they age.

If we have the ability to virtually see continuous cycles and habits of a loved one or Client, we can help save their lives by immediately picking up on signs and symptoms of health decline, and help with early detection of certain sicknesses, illness, and diseases.

15 Lifesaving Questions That You Will Always Have The Answers To With Virtual Senior Care Monitoring:

1. When they wake up do they seem confused? (How often?)

2. During the day, do they appear to be bored?

3. What do they eat and how often are they eating-Are they losing their appetite?

4. Does their mobility seem to be stable, or are they stumbling?

5. How often are they bathing?

6. What do they spend their time doing?

7. Are they restless at night? (How often?)

8. Are they taking their medication on time? (Or at all??)

9. Do they seem to tire easily?

10. How often are they getting fresh air?

11. Do they seem to be depressed? (How often?)


12. Are they breathing okay?

13. What makes them laugh-what do they seem to most enjoy?

14. How often are they going in and out of the bathroom?

15. Are they safe and secure? 

These questions cannot be accurately answered without 24/7 Monitoring!

                          home8 (home-mate)               
With home8care, you will get immediate notifications on your smart phone, pictures, and video, for real live interaction between you, and your Client or loved one, which is also good for quick emergency decision making.

As a Senior Care Assistant, we will still be needed to help operate and control these gadgets, speak to Family Members, Doctors, and other Health Officials on behalf of our Clients if need be, and be there hands on when something occurs.

          This is the future of Senior Care!

 Visit home8care.com  and check out 13  Elder care monitoring products- including their new Geo-fence Tracking Device to prevent fatal accidents.

How do you feel about virtual Senior Care monitoring?

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