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               *This blog had been revised due to home8care products and website updates.

 As I slowly but surely enter into this digital world, I am still researching and networking with a plethora of virtual care apps and services, that can and will enhance Elder, Senior, and Disabled Care.

During my search for potential partnerships and affiliates, home8 really caught my attention!

 While being ever so impressed with all of the product features, I then began to read further into their company history-And guess where they are from???

 Drum roll please?...... Freeeeemont Caliiiiiiforniaaaaaa! (Fremont, California) Where I was raised, right next to Silicon Valley-though some consider Fremont to be a part of Silicon Valley....I felt an instant connection!

So I went straight to Google maps and took a virtual drive.

I am very familiar with their area of headquarters--and it brought back sweet memories..............................................................................................I'm taking a moment to pause and reflect.......................................



Home8-pronounced Home-mate, is an innovative system that I believe will change the game in Elder and Senior Care!

For Elders, Seniors, and people with Disabilities who refuse to leave their home for care- (even though they may face forgetfulness, a fall risk, or wandering) home8care has the perfect virtual monitoring tools.

A few awesome factors that makes home8care even better, is that it is inexpensive, you can easily set it up yourself, and there are no long-term service contracts.

The home8 app has a communication system with speaker and mic to communicate in real time, high definition monitoring-with night vision, and twist panoramic talking camera.

You can provide support and comfort with the built in speaker, and video system every two hours- ( the traditional hours of checking on Clients or Patients- known as "rounds" in Elder and Senior care facilities) just to say "Ms. Brown, I'm checking in on you, how's it going?"

There also is an activity tracker that you can put on furniture, doors, cabinets, and drawers, that will not disturb your Elderly loved one, or Client, when in use.


With home8 automatic medication dispenser, you can make sure that Elders and Seniors are taking their medication properly and on time.

Get a notification if a dose needs to be taken, or is missed.

You can track medication intake with a medication sensor.

Program  medication to be taken at a certain time.

Get an alert with the Elder Care inactivity alert system if an Elder or Senior has not moved within a certain time frame.

Can you imagine Professional Senior Caregivers virtually monitoring Elder, Senior, and Disabled Clients?

This is what I envision.                

Here is why:

While Seniors are thrilled to have a personal assistant, there are others who really don't want someone in their face all of the time!

I had a private paying elderly couple for 4 hours a day, and most of the time, I was not even physically assisting them, or even talking to them for 2 hours!

Their family thought it was a good idea for me to be there for 4 hours a day (and I didn't object) instead of having me on call- but what if I could have been at home virtually monitoring them?

They were the type of couple that would have loved it!

 There are other Clients who I have assisted that could have very well been virtually monitored.

Even when Patients and Clients are in the hospital, they too need to be virtually monitored 24/7.

(Some hospitals are already using virtual monitoring.)

 As Nurses and Doctors are in and out, 24/7 one on one virtual monitoring, will prevent and catch what goes unnoticed.

 24/7 virtual monitoring with home8       
is also good for observing changes in behavior, eating, and sleeping patterns, and will also help you keep an eye out on possible elder abuse!

 *I am not an affiliate of home8care.

Over to you! How do you feel about the idea of Virtual Senior Care Monitoring?

Comment below, and share your thoughts!            

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