Blog Interview: Featuring The Hackerette


 Kamelia Britton-AKA the Hackerette, is a nurse, traveling coach, consultant, and lifestyle and travel blogger, who has found a way to travel the world, while working full-time.  

The Hackerette started her instagram account on September 4, 2016, and has build an impressive following of 14.8k in just 7 months!

     Since then, she has been busy doing podcast interviews, and speaking engagements- one recently in Istanbul at the University of Koc, where she had the awesome opportunity to teach about building a brand on Instagram in front of the media department.

 Kamelia was also featured on a segment of the American Dream Show in San Diego, California, where she shared a few of her traveling Hackerette tips!

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Kamelia Britton


 Born and raised in Orange, Texas- a small town outside of Galveston, Kamelia went from being a Certified Nursing Assistant in high school, to a Licensed Nurse, then on to become a Registered Nurse.

When Kamelia was 24 years old, she accepted a traveling Nurses position in San Diego, California..., A place where she had never even heard of, coming from a small town in Texas.

All she wanted to know was, "Is it beach?"

Blog Interview: Featuring The Hackerette:

 Thank you for accepting my blog interview invitation Kamelia!

The Hackerette- 
My pleasure!

 So what led you to start traveling?

The Hackerette-
 I didn't really realize that I wanted to travel...But coming from a small town, I have always been curious as to what else there was to do in different places.

Tell us about Hackerette and how it all came about-

The Hackerette- 
Hacking is my lifestyle. It is who I am, and who I have always been since I was a kid. 

 I'm just a regular girl. I didn't come from a rich family. I always found ways to do things by using the small resources that I already had.

 When it came to traveling, I began to find ways to get deals.

 How do you manage to travel and work full-time?

The Hackerette-
 As a Nurse, I went Per Diem, where it allows me to work whenever I want, and as much as I want. It's almost like having my own business. I buy my own insurance, and make my own schedule.

I'm also a Reiki Master Instructor, and had a business called Home Caregiver Connect, but I released it with love, because it became too much for me to handle.

How many countries have you been to?

The Hackerette-
 I have been to 25 countries!

So out of the 25, which country do you feel like you connect with the most?

The Hackerette-
I get asked that question a lot! I can't just choose one country, because I feel a connection with every country that
 I have traveled to. 

When I travel, I really delve into each country, connect with the locals, and learn their language. 

There is always something special and different about every country.

Can you tell us a little bit about your personal coaching?

The Hackerette- 
Yes. I have programs where I give personal  assessments and advice to help you find ways to cut your expenses, teach you how to watch your spending habits, and how to make use of your days off so that you can travel.

Any traveling tips in general?

The Hackerette-
To prevent jet lag, don't drink alcohol on the plane. Just drink water, and take melatonin!

You can catch up with The Hackerette on Instagram @thehackerette  Twitter and Facebook

If you would like travel advice on how to get the best deals, you can enroll for free at 

Want one on one travel coaching from The Hackerette? Click Here for more information

PS: She has traveled to 15 cities in 7 different countries for only $325.00, and has found a round trip ticket from LA to Copenhagen for $193.00!

Now that's some serious travel hacking!


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