My Grandmother's Obsession With ALL THINGS ASIAN!


Growing up in Northern California, I had the opportunity to be exposed to various cultures-from Asia and Hawaii, to Somoa, Philippines, and the Middle East.

Living around diversity and having friends who were from different parts of this universe, gave me an up close and personal glimpse of different lifestyles, foods, and traditions.

I don't know exactly how or when my grandmother adopted the Asian lifestyle, but I believe that it took place when she left Nueces Bay, Texas.


Ever since I was about 3 years old, I have been sitting in a style that was known in the 70's as "Indian style"-or "cross-legged".

  Whether I am on a bus, plane, or sitting on my bed, ( even sometimes at the dining room table!) my legs automatically retreat to this sitting position.

It wasn't until last year when I was studying religion, that I found out that the proper term for this is the Lotus Position.

(Originating in ancient India, the Lotus Position is said to calm the mind, and slow down your breathing.)

My American friends and family would gasp, (and even my kids) and ask me how can I always sit like this.. Or, why do you always sit like that..?

It never really dawned on me about my frequent sitting position. I didn't even know when, where, or how I had learned to sit like this because I don't even do yoga!

So I asked my mom....

 She told me that she had learnt yoga a long time ago from my grandmother, (Of course) and exercised frequently in front of me.

(And as a young girl, I watched and imitated her movements, and yoga positions.)

But I never seen my grandmother do yoga, neither was her love for Asia ever explained..., it was just always displayed!



When you entered into my grandmother's house, a big red Buddha who stood on top of a long Asian table was always there to greet us. 
(Hers was bigger than this, and had more of a bright red color.)


Everything was Asian! Her sofa set, which was always covered with plastic to protect it from her frequent visits with grandchildren.

 And her large black and red candy dish that had Asian symbols at the top of each separate 4 squares-.... that was Asian too..

Pictures, vases, and table place setting....Asian!

I don't know where my grandmother's Asian furniture went after she passed 2 years ago, so while thinking of her, I began to try to Google it.

No luck.

 Well, I found it about 3 months ago while looking for the proper business affiliates on ShareASale!

I had forgotten all about it, and thought oh well.. I wasn't even looking for it at the time-

I'd like to think that my grandmother knew how much I wanted to see it again, and helped lead me to it!

I sent the pictures to my mom, she was so surprised! The furniture looked so much like my grandmother's, that I think she thought that I had actually found it!

You can buy the furniture below, and many more Asian items Here

With all of this Asian lovin', my grandmother never once stepped foot in one single Asian country!

So that's why I am going to carry her "All Things Asian" tradition, all the way to Japan and China! (She will be with me in spirit.)

Visiting Japan  

Japan is the leader in the industry of Robots and high tech, I can't wait to go there! 

With the rise of the Elder population and longevity, Japan is also having an Elder Care crisis.

I am really anxious to see how they are making these robotic Senior Caregivers, and how it will all play out in the future!

Tokyo even has a Robotic Restaurant in which travel blogger The Blonde Abroad has written about in a blog post. You have got to see these pictures!

You can also watch a little quick sneak peak from the eye of a GoPro Here  or 25 Things to do in Tokyo Japan
Toykyo Morning Tour:Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji Temple and Guiza Shopping District tours start at $46.11. To book your own discounted tour in Tokyo, visit Viator


My grandmother loved Chinese food in which she frequently ate with chopsticks! 

The Chinese dragon was also in many of her home decor items!

For my first trip, I will not be wandering around getting lost just yet,.. I will be setting up a tour via Viator so that I can really be further educated in detail about the culture.

What about you? Are you obsessed with all things Asian?

*I have affiliate partnerships and may receive a commission when you book a tour or purchase Asian items.

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