5 ways my life changed after Hurricane Harvey

I took some time off from blogging and making videos, so that I can connect with others on Instagram, take a look at the bigger picture in my online businesses, make changes, form partnerships, come up with a marketing strategy, and explore other social media platforms.

During that time off, Hurricane Harvey hit the island of Corpus Christi, Texas. We safely evacuated inland to family property, living without power for 5 days.

This of course, was nothing compared to what Houston, Florida, Mexico, and Puerto Rico went through-and are still going through.

After the storm, something inside of me dramatically changed. I felt very, very adventurous, and more new ideas, and opportunities came for my online businesses. 

As soon as power was restored, I wanted to go to the beach!

5 ways my life changed after Hurricane Harvey

1. I gained more focus and clarity

When I first started blogging for business, my blogs and videos were designed to reach those who were already working in the Senior Community. While visiting other social media platforms, I discovered that I have 3 different audiences.

2. I switched lanes and changed my direction
After realizing that I have three different audiences, my approach in regards to the way that I present my businesses changed. 

3. I began to stop and appreciate everything...I mean Ev.errr.eee.thing

I have to admit, I am very spoiled! Watching how many people's lives were dramatically affected and taken by the hurricanes, caused me to to stop and reflect on the many ways that I have been ungrateful, or have taken my blessings for granted.

4. I accepted more online responsibility 

I have always loved multitasking. It keeps me on my toes. Now that I am working online full-time, I have to be extremely organized. This extreme organization is different from the way that I organize offline, and I must quickly adjust and be ready at all times to make necessary changes in my online businesses.

5. I stepped out of my comfort zone

After the storm, murky beach waters did not stop Islanders from swimming!

 Before the storm, there would be no way that I would even step foot in murky waters.

 Just as soon as my feet touched the wet sand, I headed straight toward the murky waters. 
Without hesitation, I started marching forward into the ocean. To me, this was a symbol that I was no longer going to hold back, or hesitate while exploring my new life!

Separating My Audience

 For those who are already in Senior Care, and wish to have their own clients, I have removed several of my blog posts, and will be consolidating my 10 page series, "How to Become a Private Senior Caregiver, and my instructional blogs into an e-book. 
You can also still set up private 1 on 1 consultations with me. 

I am also exploring the idea of having a private Facebook business group for CNA's, Professional Caregivers, and Nurses.

I will be speaking specifically to those who own a Home Health Agency, or a Senior Care Facility, through my up and coming online corporate consultations.

New to my expanded business is EC1 TRAVELS, which will be a business geared for Travelers, Digital Nomads, and High School and College Students and Graduates.

Thank you again to everyone who has subscribed to my blogs on Bloglovin', and to those following me on Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus.


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