About Me

Hi! My name is Tiffany Tene' Armstead, and I am the owner, founder, and CEO of Extraordinary Care1-a small, independent, private paying care service for Elders, Seniors, and the Disabled.

Raised in Fremont, California right next to Silicon Valley, I was encouraged by my mother to take a Nurse Aide certification course that was being offered my junior year in high school.

 I still remember when she sat me down at the edge of my bed and sternly said,

"If you get into the medical field, you can go anywhere you want and never have to worry about a job!"

Until this day, those words still ring in my ear and have remained to be true.

I am Generation X mother of 5 children, oftentimes mistaken for a Millennial!

I can relate to people of all ages, but have a special connection and understanding with the Elderly and Disabled Community.

Outside of Nursing and Caregiving, I enjoy traveling, going to the beach, multicultural experiences, reading and writing, art and photography, dance music and theater, learning about new things, meeting new and exciting people, and Naturopathy.

I am also a Natural Health Consultant, and in the process of getting an associates degree, to become a Naturopathic Practitioner!


During my overall period as a Nursing Assistant and Non-Medical Professional Caregiver, I have had so many wonderful relationships with Patients/Clients and their family that I will forever cherish!

I have over 10 years of Senior Care expertise in the 4th largest city- Houston, Texas!

I have been an Independent Patient Advocate, and have served Private Paying and Agency Clients in their personal homes, at numerous Skilled, Assisted, and Independent Senior Living Facilities, and at all of the major Hospitals in and outside of the city of Houston including MD Anderson, Methodist, Memorial Hermann, Select Specialty, and Katy.

I have assisted Seniors and the Disabled with Fall Prevention, Rehabilitation, Mental Illnesses, and other various ailments and diseases including Cancer, Palliative and Hospice Care, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia and Alzheimer's, Rehabilitation, and Diabetes.

I started my small business full-time in 2009, because I needed flexibility in all areas of my life- As a parent, I wanted and needed to be in control of my time and money, and as a Direct Caregiver, there was a great demand for private professional one on one care.

Extraordinary Care1 was originally prompted and highly encouraged by my first private paying Senior Client, Ms. Hudson!

It is my desire, intention, and mission, to introduce Senior Caregiving Entrepreneurship to those who have never considered it- and to inform, teach, advocate, and encourage inexperienced and experienced Professional Caregivers and Nurses, to use their passion and skills to start a mini Senior/Disabled care service.




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