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EC1 supports other businesses and brands that we are inspired by!

It is our hearts desire to help provide tools needed for career training, business operations, health support, and other related career, business, and entrepreneurial efforts to various countries in Africa and Asia.

Welcome To Extraordinary Care1


My name is Tiffany Tene' Armstead, and I am the owner, founder, and CEO of Extraordinary Care1-a small, independent, private paying Care Service for Elders, Seniors, and the Disabled.

Whether you are new to Senior Care, or experienced, my goal is for you to have everything that you need, to begin your own mini Senior Care Service, right here on my website-with just a CLICK of a button!

Join me on the island of Nueces Bay, as I continue to reinnovate, and transition my offline business, to be 100% online and virtual.

Feel free to Contact Me or chat with us right here on the website.



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